Trading in cryptocurrency exchanges is a way to earn bitcoins and other cryptographic currencies. The peculiarity of virtual currencies lies in their high volatility. Playing with the difference in fees, you can get a good profit even in a day. So, the game in cryptocurrency exchanges is quite interesting for passive income. However, the disadvantage of this method is that it is necessary to control currency quotes throughout the day.

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It is for this reason that programs for the automatic trading of cryptocurrencies (or bots (bots) of arbitrage) have spread so much. They automatically track currency exchange rates and convert assets instantly or transfer them to another exchange.

In addition to these, there are many more varieties of programs: bots to collect cryptographic currency from taps/faucets (manifolds), duplicators, etc.


The exchanges of cryptocurrencies operate under the same principles as exchanges of traditional currencies and securities. The principle of commercial exchange is to arbitrate: buy an asset for a price and sell it at a higher cost.

In one way or another, playing in the stock market is a very specific occupation and depends a lot on the mood of the leader. The growth of certain assets is influenced by many other factors, from the news about the news in the blockchain field to various rumours, for example, prohibitions of the cryptocurrency trade in some countries, etc.

In addition, in the current market, every day appear coins that in one day can shoot the price and then go, just as quickly, into oblivion. While those coins in the HYIP wave – you can win, but you have to be careful. When the interest of market participants decreases: the cost also decreases (fast). It should be noted that by knowing these characteristics, you can start playing in the cryptocurrency exchange. However, it is not a good idea to immediately invest large sums of money in this matter.


Well, let’s get down to it, the trading robot (or exchange bot) is a special program that tracks the difference in the quotes and automatically sells/buys the cryptocurrencies. They work on the basis of technical strategies, which in turn are based on a complete analysis of the laws of the market. One of those objective parameters for the analysis are the cryptocurrency price statistics for at least one year.

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How does it work: 

  1. Specify the amount for which we plan to play;
  2. The robot tries to buy bitcoins a little below the current rate (the difference must also be set manually)
  3. Next, the bot creates a sales order and keeps it for the specified time (usually 3-4 minutes)
  4. If the transaction is made, a new purchase order is issued.

If during a specified time the transaction is not made, the purchase order is cancelled and a new order is created;

In both cases, as a parameter “by default”, you must indicate the commission of the exchange. The remaining amount is the net income of the transaction with the participation of the bot. In this case, the program will use for the purchase the amount indicated from the beginning (for example, $ 100). The surplus earned on the difference in fees will accumulate in the purse.


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It should be said that almost all automatic trading programs are paid (operate under a license) or are provided in exchange for a certain commission of the trade done.

Haasbot: is the robot developed by the Haas Online team. In our opinion, it is one of the best. It combines the functions of the robot for the cryptocurrency trade. He is able to follow the quotes, make decisions about buying and selling based on 50 indicators. In addition, HaasOnline has its own trading platform, where it can carry out commercial operations.

BTC ROBOT:  is one of the first arbitration robots for bitcoin trading. The developers offer a 60-day money back policy in case of failure. However, it is difficult to configure and does not always help to obtain large profits;

Tradewave: is a platform in the cloud (does not require installation on the computer) to create trading bots with a fairly advanced set of strategies. It is compatible with most popular crypto exchanges. It provides a free trial mode for beginners, however, to get a full license you must pay $ 14.

Cryptotrader: is another solution in the cloud that does not require the installation of special software on the computer and also works with many popular cryptocurrency exchanges. A characteristic feature is that it has the trading strategies market, which can be sold or purchased on the official website.

Coalichain: the first decentralized political platform that connects citizens to their leaders and governments, is announcing today its crowd sale for the ZUZ token. Coalichain offers a transparent and decentralized alternative to the current democratic system through the use of Web 3.0 features and blockchain technology. Coalichain has already gained the interest of influential leaders and political parties in many countries like Estonia, France, Switzerland, and Australia, and will soon release the beta version of its mobile app.

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The Coalichain team is derived of 20 experienced professionals in the areas of IT development, Blockchain, marketing, business development as well as political and research experts, along with a highly reputable board of directors. Coalichain is lead by Chairman and Co-CEO Levi Samama, a serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple successful start-ups and investor, along with Shay Galil, Co-founder and CTO coming from 20 years of experience in the high tech industry, app development, and new media services for the political industry.




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