A look behind Nihilo Coin with the founder Ciprian Popa

Interview with Ciprian Popa, Founder of Nihilo Coin

1. How did you have the idea to create “Nihilo Coin”?

We all need a better world to live in and we all dream about this. That is how Nihilo was born. We want to share the future with our community and to build our future together.

2. Why did you choose the name “Nihilo”? What does it mean?

Is a Latin word meaning “out of nothing”. It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, as in creation ex nihilo, meaning “creation out of nothing”.

3. What makes Nihilo Coin different from other cryptocurrencies?

Every one of us is different, even thought we all look the same. Nihilo is not different than other cryptocurrencies. We don’t claim that our project is the best project, we just claim that Nihilo is our project. There are all kind of investors out there and some are focused on the next coin to get the reach soon and some investors that look for projects that do what we do. So we do make this investment in developing stuff like decentralized marketplace, a platform were you can host your own raffle, social media monetizing platform, ready to integrate tool for Nihilo payment getaway for WordPress websites, mobile wallets…and many more to come.

4. What can you tell us about the marketplace?

This is one of the biggest projects we prepared for the Nihilo community. Unlike traditional marketplace, were all commissions goes to Jef Bezoz of Jack Ma’s pockets, in Nihilo, all the commissions earned are going towards paying the cost of organization and the rest of the profit will be shared between the masternodes that operate on the blockchain. This will give extra winning and rewards to masternode operators and will decentralize the profit share.

5. What can you tell us about the team behind this project?

Our team is super great and well prepared for the job, we have them working for almost a year now on the project. Nihilo is launched only for 3 months, but our work started a year ago.

We have great skills on advisory board too, from different aspects of the business side. And because we never had an ICO, we don’t have free tokens, or bonus tokens or bounty tokens to convince high profiles to join our team. They joined the team because they believe in our vision and wants to do something good for the community.

6. Can Nihilo Coin be mined?

We have a full POS algorithm operated by Masternodes and Staking.

Staking Nihilo

Nihilo wallet is build up to stake the coins available in your balance. You need to have minimum 10 Nihilo in your balance in order to stake.

The more Nihilo you have in your balance, the higher your staking weight and more rewards you receive. Every block is processed in 2 minutes and the reward is 4 Nihilo for every block that is processed by staking process.

Staking ROI is between 45-50 % per year , this is not a fixed ROI as the staking needs to be done correctly. Here are the steps:

  • Leave your balance in your wallet for min 8 hours
  • After 8 hours, the wallet will start staking, using your total coins you will have the staking weight.
  • The higher the weight, the faster the rewards
  • Every balance that has coins and is staking them will split in two after staking, giving you more chances to find a block
  • Difficulty is retargeted every block so the more staking addresses you have, the higher the chances to find a block
  • If you move the balance (use the coins), your coins will not mature anymore and they will need another 8 hours to mature.


Nihilo blockchain is operated by masternodes which have a collateral of 10.000 Nihilo.

Today statistics available in Nihilo explorer https://explorer.nihilo.space/ shows how many masternodes are always active and operating the network. Every block has a reward of 10 Nihilo and 60% goes to masternode operators.

Your masternode needs to be active all the time in order to be in the list of active masternode. The longer your masternode is active, the higher the position in top of the list and the faster you get your rewards because you find blocks faster.

In order to set up a masternode, we have prepared guides and video tutorials.


7. How can Nihilo Coin be used as a cryptocurrency retail banking?

We have close an agreement with Oryx Cash ICO founders, which is a VC 2.0 (investment fund) and fully licensed with crypto banking license in Netherland, Uruguay, Peru and Puerto Rico. The group is part of the swiss base company located in Zug, EST Capital AG.

With this partnership, they will take on board of their banking system and process of crypto payments Nihilo’s public blockchain, with other words, they will use Nihilo in all the transactions and business related activity in all banks with crypto license.

8. On what exchanges are you planning to list Nihilo Coin next?

Nihilo is not a coin for day to day traders, we are a utility coin in our core so we don’t need to start with big exchanges. But once we kick in the agreement and we start implementing the banking system, the coin will be listed on top 10 exchanges.

9. What future plans do you have for Nihilo Coin?

Our future is build up on community vision, so the more community is involved, the faster and wider we can integrate. We aim big and we want to reach our adoption rate at a high level.

Ciprian Popa, Founder of Nihilo Coin

I am an experienced Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. I possess strong business development professional and I am skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Customer Service, Advertising and Sales.

I have over 15 years of experience in production environments and green field projects with extensive management skills in managing companies with 200+ employees. Implementing basic responsibilities that are associated with the Business Development Manager and General Manage position, examining the company’s competition to develop better development strategies, increasing profits for the company in general and establishing relations with a sales team or sales coordinator.

Responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set by the Board of Directors.

For the last 2 years I was deeply involved in mining operations and global blockchain technology projects with cross-functional intent to investigate business disruptive emerging technologies, define appropriate strategies to maximize on presented opportunities whilst mitigating threats, and execute those strategies using blockchain networks.

Providing key expert advice, business insight and professional guidance on topics related to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, E-Money, eWallets, direction, processes, business development, sales and marketing of the products and services.






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