Against All Odds – The Rise of Crypto Based Investment Opportunities

The concept of arbitrage is one that has been around for ages, and thousands of gurus have made a career out of making hedged trading decisions on these price differences which appear on different exchanges and markets.

A quick search for Cryptocurrency Arbitrage on Youtube will result in many video results, on excellent channels such as explainers on Bitcoin for Beginners, Bitcoin Wednesday, Crypto Wizards & Bitcoin Trading Challenge.

These videos serve to explain the mechanics and workings of turning a profit of cryptocurrency arbitrage trades.

jubilee aceI then searched and scoured the web for anyone providing Cryptocurrency arbitraging classes and came across one platform, Jubilee Ace, which was not only involved in crypto arbitrage but also in other various arbitraging also. I contacted the Marketing Team and went ahead to see for myself.

Here’s my 2 cents worth on the Jubilee Ace Project.

1. Go and See for Yourself

stop guessint start knowing

As with any investment platform out there, the internet is filled with both positive and negative news about any opportunity. The best banks have had their products thrown out the window by supposed dedicated flaming sites whose sole purpose is to generate traffic to their sites by preying on the fears of the general public.

Yet I see entirely different, incredibly positive reviews from Japanese fans who have been to their seminars and seen the live demonstrations and are diehard supporters of this technology.

Verdict: See for yourself and make your own decision. I was fortunate enough to get my own Binance account to them for the live demo and I have seen for myself that this bot of theirs works.

investment diversity2. Make an Informed Decision 

My friends are split two ways regarding my quest to seek out and find for myself an interesting way to invest.

I have a group of friends who are saying how they missed the rise of Bitcoin and are doing day trading to make some profits, and that arbitrage is definitely doable but time consuming for the everyday life. This group of friends support my exploration to the Jubilee project but are asking me not to throw my life savings into it, but to use a comfortable 5000 to 10000 bucks only on this.

My other group of friends are telling me to just buy Altcoins and HODL because these altcoins are priced cheaply and we stand to make many times the capital when these prices rise.

Verdict: Why not do both? I am going to allocate 70% of my small capital into Jubilee Ace and use the tools they provide to learn the business, while keeping 30% to do some trading for myself.

bitfinex3. Platform or Tokens 

One interesting conversation I had was whether to invest in just a few tokens that I like, or to invest with platforms such as Jubilee Ace or Bitfinex Funding.

My OG group of crypto friends are telling me to continue to read and evaluate teams, whitepapers, the credibility of tokens and their teams, and just to buy and hold good tokens for the long run.

I however prefer not to be overly attached to one, two or five tokens. At the end of the day, all cryptocurrencies are digital assets with a risk of their plans not taking off. If I were to allocate my funds, I would very much prefer to go with a platform like Jubilee Ace or Bitfinex, firms who have a clear game plan to me, a game plan that they have demonstrated to work to me, instead of just buying and holding tokens and leaving every execution and progress to the management team’s hands.

Verdict: I guess this is a personal preference, but I would rather be near the action with trades and arbitrages happening every day, instead of buying and holding a token and waiting for the token price to rise.

What do you think? Do you have any interesting crypto based investments to share?

Hit me up and let’s take this discussion further, together.

Written by Amit Gupta




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