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Since the emergence of Bitcoin a decade ago, the crypto world has grown into an entire industry, enabling the emergence of multiple products and services around it. New projects built on top of the blockchain technology that are currently undergoing ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or STO (Security Token Offering) have found a really popular method to promote their ventures: airdrops.

What is a Crypto Airdrop?

At an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Security Token Offering (STO), marketing plays a crucial role for the good success of it as it allows to highlight and give visibility to a new project.

This new mode of advertising is much less expensive than a classic advertisement since the ICO pays its own tokens, which ultimately will have values ​​only if the latter actually sees the light of day.

We can then classify airdrops into 3 distinct categories:

1) Tokens from a Fork that is vulgarly the creation of a new currency after a blockchain has split in two. Example: The Bitcoin Fork on August 1, 2017 gave birth to Bitcoin cash with a ratio of 1: 1.

2) The SNAPSHOT which consist of a free distribution of a cryptocurrency with a predefined ratio provided that it has beforehand another cryptocurrency.

Example: The IGNIS snapshot for NXT holders that took place on December 28, 2017 with the ratio of 2: 1.

3) The “classic” Airdrop, the one we know best and which we will treat in this article. It consists of a free donation of a crypto in order to increase its visibility and notoriety.

Airdrops are a popular method for cryptocurrency ventures to promote their projects and raise awareness among crypto enthusiasts by distributing cryptocurrency tokens to their wallets free of charge. However, they usually require their users to perform a number of tasks in exchange for their tokens, such as liking, sharing, following or commenting on their projects social media accounts. Airdrops are usually not organic growth and do create a powerful buzz on a project to create a community and reach social credibility.

For users performing the tasks; it is a great way to get free tokens and potential free gem. This year; a couple of airdrops have been solved over 200$. There is even one that has been sold over 2000$.

Airdrops 2018

Why only make quality Airdrops?

Every day, there are new airdrops. as you can see in the chart above, their numbers have increased dramatically in less than a year.

The new ICOs understood that marketing was essential to get some visibility among so many new projects.

The problem is that many of them are just simple SCAMs that only want to attract new investors to better steal them.

It is important to warn airdropers who wish to claim tokens at any cost via any airdrops. Indeed, a certain number of them, to say a lot, are pure SCAMs which, in the best case, will not pay you any token.

But let’s go deeper into the thinking, often the ICOs at their airdrop ask you a certain number of tasks that can go simple Like on their social networking page, provide your email address, pass a KYC or download Application or Wallet.

If you participate in an airdrop SCAM, you will give your email address that will surely be used inappropriately (resale, pishing etc).

Worse still if you do a KYC, which is to prove your identity by submitting a passport or identity card; and in this case you do not know what will be the use (fraudulent) that can be made of it.

Last risk example and that of third-party application download or wallet that can be requested via an airdrop. While ICOs are verified and quality safe, those less honest can cost you dearly. All you need is a well-placed malware to infect your computer and give access to an unscrupulous person to your computer and the files on it and why not, steal your username and password to robe your crypto-currencies or personal data.

Using the website, a team is entirely dedicated to the research work, with the slogan “Quality over quantity”.

is it scam

The Problem: Detect Quality and Reject Scams

One of the biggest problems with Airdrops is connected to the fact that a lot of new projects are later proved to be SCAMs and they are using the user base of crypto enthusiasts to raise their awareness. Another problem is that some airdrops never pay for the tasks and just use their users to increase their social channels for free. For a common person; performing a due diligence on every airdrop and project is time consuming; requires good english understanding and finally; require a minimum of knowledge on how to detect red flags and good potential projects.

The Solution

Fortunately, as a response to the existing problems, come trusted Airdrop platforms built organically by crypto enthusiasts that choose to provide only quality, valuable and verified projects among their users. performs a heavy due diligence on every airdrop. They check the entire team on LinkedIn, they read the WhitePaper and have a set of criteria to look for red flags in it,  they check the website and more importantly, they make sure that the airdrop is official and announced on official Telegram channels or Twitter/Facebook. When they do not have all the required information, they ask the official admin mainly in telegram to provide all required details. If the admin does not provided the required information, they reject to promote their Airdrop. Because they value their users, they only share valuable airdrops. is proud of their quality and are presenting statistics of their work. They analysed 2669 Airdrops during last 9 months but are have published only 12.9%

airdrops 2018 2

They are also sharing; on a daily basis there reject on so every user can keep a track on every new airdrop.

( Finally; they are one of the very first airdrop platform to offer a personal Dashboard so every user can keep a track on what they do and which airdrop is received. 

The platform is an all-in-one quality tool and saves a lot of time for people who want to earn free tokens by participating in various airdrops campaigns.

They are one of the very first airdrop platform to offer a personal Dashboard so every user can keep a track on what they do and which airdrop is received

In addition to quality, they have implemented a system that allows you to track the airdrops you make; this system informs you of the sending of tokens by the ICO and therefore of the reception of these on your wallet address.

It is more than useful since the groups to join on Telegram are limited to a certain numbers. So you know when you can also leave the groups you have joined to get his tokens and have room for new airdrops.

Airdropers currently share their airdrops on their Telegram group @airdropers_io and the french version @airdropfrenchies, where a big community of active users have gathered, united by the desire to participate in quality Airdrops and discover interesting projects. To raise awareness of the Airdrops they promote, aside from their groups and social channels, their Airdrops are shared by partner channels such as Airdropalert.

Last but not least, the team offers its users the opportunity, once registered on the platform, to enter their referral link and thus easily get more tokens.

Indeed, each page load, the link used for referral of airdrops change; the users have 50% to have one of the community member link taken.

Each member has an equal chance to get there link used.

In the other hand, has 50% to have his referral link taken.

The Airdropers team is proud to be able to share with its users the tokens possible gains thanks to airdrops.




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