ARYIA, Private and Secure Blockchain-Powered Smart Speaker

AryiaGiven the evolution rate of the smart speaker and IoT industries, it’s safe to assume they will become more and more present in our daily lives. Would you be willing to equip your bedroom or living room with an internet-connected microphone that could record and send all your conversations to the data-hungry server of a giant tech company or to a random person in your contact list? That is basically the privacy and security risk you’re taking when you bring home an Amazon Echo, Google Home or other smart speaker. Since the introduction of the Echo in 2014, smart speakers have moved from a niche domain for geeks and gadget freaks to an inherent part of the lives of tens of millions of people in the U.S. and across the world. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), smart speakers provide us with a hands-free and easy-to-use interface to interact with computers and accomplish tasks that previously required a display and input devices such as a mouse and keyboard.

The convenience and benefits of smart speakers are obvious, but like every other technology they come with their own trade-offs, highlighted by the many stories that have raised-and exaggerated-concerns about the security and privacy implications of having a smart speaker in your home.


At Aryia, the mission is to create a fully decentralized ecosystem to manage your digital life, while prioritizing your privacy and rewarding trust and use of the network. This is being done by associating the two most innovating technologies ever created, blockchain and artificial intelligence, and creating the first ever blockchain-powered smart speaker: Aryia Alpha. Their vision is to become the first choice for consumers who are looking to purchase a smart speaker, while offering added benefits and key features that are currently not found in any of the competitor products.


In today’s smart speaker environment owning and sharing the private data that users are generating is all too common. This occurs while using any smart assistant or device and most of the centralized A.I. solutions deployed in today’s smart speakers. This heavily restricts external developer participation and forces consumers to accept A.I. implementations with no options for customization. This is where the developers of Aryia see a niche in the market.


Aryia answers today’s data privacy concerns by giving users control over their data ownership while also rewarding them for any involvement in the Aryia ecosystem. At the same time, it addresses the lack of creative innovation in the A.I. market by encouraging developers to create, publish, and distribute new voice-skills and modules on our add-on marketplace. This ends up with a fully customizable voice assistant powered by a decentralized token economy. Aryia aims to provide a powerful voice enabled A.I. solution for both individuals and corporations, either in the shape of a proprietary smart speaker or, in future, as a third-party device. The goal is to disrupt the smart-speaker marketplace and challenge today’s security and data collection practices by letting individuals take control of their own private information. 


Aryia will be addressing a true market need that has been ignored for the longest time, need that has also been the main subject of many recent scandals: data privacy. The first product will come out of the box with multiple unique features that not only will motivate consumers to purchase it, but these features also promote long-term use. This leads to multiple opportunities for increasing revenues. Aryia is making use of two emerging technologies: blockchain and artificial intelligence which are expected to have exponential growth of unseen proportions, so that mass-adoption is expected. It also has a client-centered business model, with applicable solutions for today’s concerns regarding data privacy.


The symbol of Aryia token is AYA. Total AYA Supply is 21 Billion.

Exchange Rate: 1 AYA = $0,01; Soft Cap: $5,000,000, Hard Cap: $40,000,000.


Behind this project stands a highly dedicated core team that is actively helped and guided by experienced leaders from industries of interest, which are part of Aryia’s advisory board. Aryia’s top management is represented by its core team and the 3 founders: Alexandru Delibas, Cristian Diaconu, and Anton Yushin. They are completely dedicated to the project since its inception and are expected to use resources wisely, pay debts in time, follow the financial plans listed in their WhitePaper and comply with the rules and regulations where Aryia operates. Future employees will be part of a team that envisions a future in line with customers’ needs and encourages creativity, diversity, professional growth and performance.

Another positive aspect is the team of Advisors, that contains experts in various fields. Ben Way is a world-renowned startup technologist, inventor and serial entrepreneur, Gerald Friedland is an AI Professor, Francois Poupard is Business Development Manager at Ethfinex, part of Bitfinex group, Jevin Maltais is the founder of & Co-Founder of, Andrei Popescu is the co-Founder of COSS.IO & SCX Holdings, Blockchain Investor, Sebastian Broways is the Head of Product at Mastermind Manager, product design strategy specialist and Philipp Sauerborn is an International Tax & Structuring at Dr. Werner & Partner. With such powerful experts with strong networking behind them in their Advisors team, Aryia has all the chances it needs to become one of the top ICOs of the year.


Aryia is building the world’s first blockchain powered smart speaker with one main focus: keeping your data private. Aryia is a complex project that requires deep knowledge over multiple industries in order to completely understand its revenue strategy and revenue forecasts, industries such as data privacy, advertising, online marketing and artificial intelligence. This knowledge is required because Aryia has a variety of revenue streams.

You can find out more about this project by visiting their website:




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