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Bartero, putting price on your social profile

An innovative new platform will bring value to each social media platform with a original approach. The Bartero community will combine the use of the utility of the platform in accordance with their desired allocation time and lifestyle. The platform has more functions that allow the access to products and services that you need in your daily life. Every one of us has a precious thing that we do not use all the time in our interest or for us. That thing is the value of our social network profile. Today, every social network profile can be measured and calculated by using different methods to find out its value.

The founder of Bartero, Ciprian Popa, told Coin Info News: “Today, each social media account can be measured and calculated by using different methods to find out its value. Bartero will create the opportunity for the value of your profile to work for you and not for the companies that own these applications and based on whom you have built your lifestyle on.”

The users of this platform can put their talent to good use. The better you describe your profile in a correct and detailed way, the bigger the value it will have and place in the top members that will give you the chance to participate in more or less projects.

The profile details need to be described in detail to increase your position to your profile. Each company that will launch new projects on social media advertising using the platform Bartero will receive access to a pool of users for that project, in accordance to the details described in the project. They have at their disposal all the filters of the system to enclose their project to the profiles that show the biggest interest in the product and industry they are a part of. Because of this, the success rate of the project is 100%. Each participant to the project will be part of the target audience.

There are three types of projects that will be launched using the Bartero platform:

  1. Projects with a time limit, where all the participants on this project will have a time limit to participate on the project.
  2. Projects with a fixed deadline, where all participants have a fixed deadline to take part of the project
  3. Projects with unlimited time, where all participants in the project have a budget at their disposal that is constantly charged with funds and the project will function until the distribution of all funds to participants.

The community that will form around Bartero will enjoy the benefits of win-win partnerships, being able to do what they are already doing, but this time by adding value to their social network profiles. This innovative platform is still in development mode and will be launched in 83 days. You can find out more on their website:





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