Bitcoin has reached $5 000 for the first time in the past quarter

The new month brings good news to the entire crypto industry! The snow has melted and with it, the hard winter has passed, and with the upcoming of spring, the bear market is expected to recover.

It’s been a rough ride for Bitcoin as its price has drastically dropped in the past year. However, its price has became the only topic of interest as today, Bitcoin finally hit the $5000 mark for the first time in five months.

btc usd 2 apr 2019
Bitcoin price, April 2, 2019

After reaching $5 000, BTC’s price rolled back to $4 750, where it is trying to stabilize. The next crucial step for Bitcoin is to consolidate its rate on the corridor between $4 500 and $4 700, in order to rise back to $5 000 and above.




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