( Announces Listing of HPB ( has announced the listing of High Performance Blockchain (HPB), a fully operational public blockchain infrastructure that utilizes dedicated hardware along with software, leveraging synergies in security, scalability, and the flexibility of the hardware chipset integration, that has attracted significant partnerships with Shanghai Youwan, ITCEC, and Tsinghua University.

Trading for the HPB/BTC and HPB/USDT pairs will be enabled on Tuesday, July 30th at 10:00 am EDT.

As part of the listing collaboration, the team will provide strategic support to the HPB team throughout the platform launch. “HPB’s unique and innovative solution of merging dedicated hardware in every node with blockchain is a true next step for the industry” said Dr. George Cao, Co-Founder & CEO of “We are excited to see just how far HPB can take us into the future of blockchain technology.”

With the listing of HPB, is supporting innovation in the space, and looking forward to seeing hardware becoming a standard component of blockchain.

About HPB

High Performance Blockchain (HPB) is a revolutionary permissionless blockchain architecture that combines HPB’s customized hardware Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE), with high-performance blockchain software, enabling unrivaled scalability.

The BOE is a heterogeneous processing system, harmonizing hardware, firmware, and corresponding matching software that streamlines the whole process. With many components that can be directly utilized by DApps, such as pulling hardware generated random numbers, HPB brings a comprehensive offering that has enticed partners such as Shanghai Youwan, ITCEC, and Tsinghua University to build or utilize the platform.

About ( is the industry’s next-generation digital asset trading platform that provides a broad range of financial products and services to both retail and institutional clients across the globe. This innovative trading platform was founded by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans and built upon the core values of blockchain, transparency and reliability, to deliver high-quality client services and trading experience. always strives to provide its global users with a comprehensive set of trading products. enabled margin trading on Feb. 14th, 2019. The margin trading function is another step forward from a product-offering perspective to better serve their dynamic trading needs. For users who understand and acknowledge the risks involved in margin trading, they are now able to leverage their tradable asset for potential higher return on investment through margin trading with sound risk management. The list of digital assets that can be traded on margin has increased from initial four to 18 different tokens, even including BTMX. It’s another pioneering move for to enable margin trading in its own native token. It expands the utility functions of BTMX, and incentivizes liquidity on the platform. (The margin trading function of is not available for North American markets.)

Similar to the innovative margin trading launched on, introduction of this unique Volatility Card has again showcased the team’s deep understanding of inner working of capital market and their advanced expertise in financial product design. Volatility Card is the first volatility-linked derivative product of this platform that allows global users to forecast and trade off price fluctuation of underlying major coins during preset time windows in a simple yet effective way. Named as Turtle and Bunny Card after Aesop’s fable – the Tortoise and the Hare, the card has quasi-option structure for underlying trading pairs yet largely simplified payout form. User can purchase different card for the prediction of price movement either within certain range (Turtle Card) or above certain range (Bunny Card). Those who predict correct range of price movement will receive the payout equivalent to notional value of the card. Volatility Card uses simplified payout form without complication of settlement and clearing issues common for real currency options. Users just simply select which card to purchase to trade on their view of volatility of underlying asset either within or above certain range. It is easy to understand and use for all types of traders with need for either very short-term momentum trading or partial risk hedging against outsized price swing in very volatile market condition.

Conclusion has experienced a significant growth since its launch in 2018 and is deeply committed to providing a high-performance, client-centric trading platform to its global client base. Currently, the platform has over 180,000 registered users, with over 53,000 active community members. The listing of HPB not only broadens its trading pair scope but also helps attracting more volume and users to the platform.




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