CoVEX Coin — Private Sale

The CoVEX Coin Private Sale is Here!

CoVEX Coin Exchange has been making huge moves lately behind the scenes. We have a new and improved website debuting soon and an updated whitepaper coming out soon!

But that’s not it, our Private sale will begin September 1, 2018, and run up until September 30, 2018.

During our private sale prices to purchase CoVEX Coin will be as follows:

– 1 CoVEX Coin = $0.50 plus a 40% Bonus

– This means if you purchase $1000.00 worth you will receive 2000 CoVEX Coins, with the 40% bonus that will make it plus 800, so 2800 CoVEX Coins

– Purchase now, don’t miss out on the great opportunity and miss that 40% Bonus

If you would like to purchase CoVEX Coin visit our website and fill out this following form:

If you have any questions about the Private sale feel free to join our telegram channel for more information.

Once the Private sale has come to a close we will begin our Crowdsale which will run during the month of September. Dates TBA. Platform and exchange to follow soon after.

Feel free to check out the Demo Exchange:

The CoVEX Coin Beta Exchange Platform is here. You can use the Beta Platform to begin learning the CoVEX Exchange and start spot trading up to 100 BTC (Demo Money). This is available to everyone who would like access, the link is at the start of this article so you can begin your test run. The demo already has the full 9 yards, with a Market, Traderoom (Basic and Pro) version, Security, Wallets, and so much more. The demo already offers over 100 different tokens to practice your trading, 2 Factor Authentication, and of course the KYC that needs to be completed. Social trading will be added to the Beta Platform in 2nd ICO and the full exchange will be available after ICO is complete. You can watch an informational video about the exchange here:

For more information regarding CoVEX Coin please visit our website at

Also, if you have any questions regarding CoVEX Coin or would like some extra information check out our social media:

Bitcointalk Forum:





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