CryptoCoin.Pro allows you to buy and sell BTC and ETH using Fiat

CryptoCoin ProA new start-up company aims to provide a different kind of exchange to the market. With its headquarters in Luxembourg and Bucharest, CryptoCoin.Pro allows its users to buy or sell Bitcoins, Ethereum and altcoins.
CryptoCoin.Pro also offers innovative products and services for ICOs, enabling them to receive assistance during their Initial Coin Offering phase, helping them overcome any obstacle they might encounter during this process. As an additional layer of trust, CryptoCoin.Pro makes sure that ICOs are compliant to the set of regulations and are banking friendly.

Innovative Features

This innovative platform also comes with tools to help its users and even ICOs in their development process. Investors can safely store their crypto assets in a special crypto wallet, from where they can buy or sell cryptocurrencies using both fiat and crypto. The platform also comes with KYC, CDD & AML Regulations to verify the identity of its users. CryptoCoin.Pro makes things simple by enabling a fiat to crypto conversion, encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency trading and Visa, MasterCard and Wired Bank Transfer transactions are supported.

Making things simpler

Things were never so simple for new traders. CryptoCoin.Pro comes to aid the newbies in the trading process by offering the possibility to each client to store its crypto assets on their build-in crypto wallet and later withdraw them to their own personal electronic wallet. Just in case new comers get stucked in the trading process or its users encounter any kind of issue, CryptoCoin.Pro has a 24/7 live support team that supports multiple languages.

Founders Dashboard

Among its many features provided to their clients we can find the “Founders Dashboard” that is oriented into aiding the ICO founders to have real-time access to their funds, documents and all their data structured on the GUI.

Licensed Exchange Services

Another layer of trust is provided by the licensed exchange services offered by CryptoCoin.Pro. Users can safely trade Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat by using their credit card and ICO founders can easily sell their tokens for Fiat.

Cyber Security

The team behind CryptoCoin.Pro is fully certified in the area of cyber security and can even provide such services for ICO infrastructure, starting from security bug bounty campaign design & management, security for the website and infrastructure used in the ICO and even security awareness trainings for the employees.

With a fully competent team and unique features, CryptoCoin.Pro will improve many aspects in the crypto industry. You can find out more about the services provided by CryptoCoin.Pro on their website: 




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