Dealmakers of the Blockchain and Gaming Industry do business in pre-scheduled Video Calls

Eventbrite (1)More than 100 dealmakers of the blockchain and gaming industries will do business in pre-scheduled video calls at the biggest ONLINE matchmaking event:


More information at Eventbrite:

Companies in the games and blockchain industries create many new game experiences and revenue models.

They make gaming fairer, create secondary markets for in-game digital assets, introduce new player reward systems, standardize monetization protocols, cryptocurrency and decentralize secure ecosystems for low fee eSports betting.

The way to get ahead in the fast-moving blockchain games market is to select and meet the right clients, partners and investors.

In this Online Business Matchmaking Event you can meet in pre-scheduled video calls all kind of stakeholders; Developers, Publishers, Investors and Service Providers of, for example, virtual marketplaces, cryptocurrency for virtual goods, reward- wallet- and payment solutions, asset exchange and ecosystems, blockchain app platforms and game development Engines.

At BizzTech they organize online events around hot topics for C-level executives of emerging tech to meet, match and conduct business in pre-scheduled video calls. The event concept was last year awarded in London.

From June, customers will have access to a completely new community event platform: “The world’s first online business matchmaking platform for dealmakers in emerging tech.” The new tools have not been revealed to us yet. We stay on the ball.

As part of the program “BizzTailored” (tailor-made online business events to fulfill exactly the needs and interests of companies) they start a new event series for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Actually BizzTech is selecting potential partners. Interested companies can contact Dirk Schmitt, CEO (

BizzTech offer a unique solution for decision makers in emerging tech to find and meet partners,investors and customers from anywhere and conduct business in pre-scheduled video calls. The advantages are apparent: Gobal reach, no need to travel, only decision makers attend.




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