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Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar Appointed as the Managing Director of

Oryxian LogoThe a project of Oryx Prive Investement LLC. today announced the appointment of Dr. Sindhu Bhaskar as its next Managing Director.

Dr. Sindhu, currently the Founder of the EST Capital AG, Zug, EST Growmore, Montevideo, and the CEO of MACHU (gold-backed) token will take the position on 8th of October.

Dr. Sindhu as a visionary, an experienced entrepreneur and a veteran banker has been serving the industry for over three decades. He has authored books on finance, fintech, banking and has the honor to serve as a visiting faculty at different management institutes and banks across the globe.

Joining Oryx as the Managing Director is a part of his vision in pursuing the acquired banking knowledge to the crypto realm for the creation of the much-needed synergy between traditional banking and crypto space, and, in doing so, remove many impediments of this arena. Dr. Sindhu is also the Owner and Director in the 3 banking licenses from different Central Banks and Regulators.

“The Board is delighted Dr. Sindhu has accepted the opportunity to lead the Oryx team as it begins an exciting new chapter at the project where we aim to profoundly achieve the roadmap as planned. We were in need of a leader with a clear vision and deep understanding of ever-evolving industry standards. A wise leader who can steer the Oryx Model and reach out to our focused groups who wants to disrupt the fintech space. A leader who understands finance, investment, banking supported by a tech team, and I am proud to share that we see this in Dr. Sindhu” Sajid Jamal the founder said.

“He brings a new outlook, energy and level of appreciation which will allow the Oryx Leadership and Management team to maintain its path of innovation and excellence, as well as pave the way for a laying a stronger commercial and strategic background for the project which will help the Oryx Project continue to build a solid foundation of financial stability,” Sajid continued.

“I am excited and honored to be joining the as the managing director and look forward to embracing all the opportunities that lie ahead,” said Dr. Sindhu. “It is such an exciting time in the life of this great Project, with new plans and milestones being revealed every passing, and I feel strongly that this new chapter is just the beginning of a brand new future for the Oryxian community, the management and leadership team of”

He further added “Being a member of the advisory board for around a year, I saw the project getting its pace we all have been striving for. In short span of around a year, we have a patented blockchain, two working digital assets, a listed coin, an active Raffle Platform, the Master Card Acquisition about to be finalized while a Social Platform Bartero in its final stages.”

The Advisory Board, the management and leadership team, and the community look forward to welcoming Dr. Sindhu to hold office in October as the project heads into Ideathon and Mid ICO Season for OryxCash.

“As the Managing Director of Oryx, I will focus on improving and maintaining a strong values-based culture, founded on deep specialist fintech knowledge and an inspirational environment both physical and emotive for the overall project. I believe the best approach to growing a business and to changing the world is to focus on the betterment of our members and community. Everyone is empowered and each of us holds each other accountable to truly and honestly be the real version of ourselves.” Said, Dr. Sindhu

About his upcoming plans for the project, Dr. Sindhu said “One of the reason I am so proud to be embracing the Oryx business model is its vision of allowing the Oryx holders an intrinsic value where one unit of coin is equal to 10 or more startup investments, and the fact that an inherent failure of few startups will be outperformed by the other, thus, mitigating the risk of performance for the investors. In our pursuit of doing so, my foremost duty would be enhancing the fund raising process and to roll out our wealth management services offered to the coin holders along with Mastercard offering through Est Growmore in Uruguay.




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