Exit polls VCIOM at the presidential elections in Russia 2018 will be held with the use of block-technologies

Exit polls VCIOM at the presidential elections in Russia 2018 will be held with the use of block-technologies, according to an official press release
The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) intends to use the elements of blockade technology when conducting exit polls (exit polls) at the March 18, 2018 presidential elections in Russia.
This project will be one of the first examples in the world of using a distributed data storage system in the framework of electoral studies. The project involves the storage of data obtained as a result of polls at the exit from polling stations, in a special lock-up storage. This will not allow any external changes in the data, reduce the effectiveness of hacker attacks, ensure the transparency of the process of data collection and aggregation. If successful, the project will form the basis of the program “Digital VTsIOM”, developed at the Center and planned for implementation in 2018-2021.
Valery Fyodorov, General Director of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), notes: “The exitpole on the detachment is a very important project in every sense. Important for our center, for the research industry, for elections in Russia. Until now, at exit polls, we had to actually close the site on election day so that it would not be attacked by DDOS attacks and other attempts at hacking by numerous anonymous hackers. Thanks to the blockbuster, we repeatedly increase the security of our data from cyberattacks, close vulnerabilities in the transmission of information, ensure the safety and integrity of collected data. The poll on the blockade has not yet been implemented in the world: some attempts to try are being made in Estonia and Ireland. We have a real chance on March 18 to show the world exactly how this can be done.




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