FairWin – Blockchain Gambling on the Ethereum Network

The gambling industry is suffering from the player’s suspicion of unfairness and manipulation of the winnings in order to maximize their profits from the gambler’s losses. In more frequent cases, some companies even refuse to pay out winnings and this has created a lot of frustration among gamblers. Fortunately, a new project has decided to solve these issues and bring save this promising industry with the help of the blockchain technology.

Meet FairWin

Powered by the blockchain technology, FairWin is a decentralized gambling platform that ensures the integrity of winnings with the use of the algorithm known as FairChannel. Payouts will be made automatically by an automation system, powered by the Ethereum Network and the FairWin token (FWN).

The Problem

There are countless unresolved problems with most online casinos. Right now, only rich people can afford to run online casinos because of the large investments needed to build such a platform and cover bets. Another problem is that legacy casinos work with a 10% edge to cover their initial losses and gain profit. Another common issue is the suspicion that casinos might manipulate the outcome of the game and deliver unfair results. Players have to double risk their money, first, when they gamble, and second, when they gamble on a casino that might rob their money.

We can find problems even on the first generation of casinos build using blockchain technology. Transactions might take a few minutes and this disappoints players that expect instant results. The transaction cost is high and even though they have solved many problems that can be found in the case of traditional online casinos, they fail to offer its players the excitement that they are accustomed to.

The Solution

With the goal to transform the traditional online casinos into a more honest field of activity, FairWin comes with a completely different approach With the usage of blockchain technology, FairWin will solve many existing by offering a more transparent and secure alternative. FairWin is a platform that makes the house decentralized. Therefore, starting a casino can be accessible to everybody and developers can now create simple user interfaces that connect games and players. FairWin platform does not need confirmation from miners for every turn, because almost all transactions are off-chain. This will greatly improve the players experience by offering instant games. And the best part about FairWin is that is run by online casino professionals with over a decade of experience. They know how to bring real excitement to online casino players.

FairWin has improved the technologies used by other game platforms on the Ethereum Blockchain by creating an adaptable platform to all devices and browsers. Worldwide game developers can easily create 2D and 3D games on FairWin platform.

The Token

The FWIN token will be in the center of the ecosystem created by the FairWin platform. The tokens will be used as chips to make bets and as compensation to developers of games. Instant transactions will be conducted on FairWin system using the FWIN tokens.

FairWin is currently undertaking ICO and its tokens can be purchased with a discount. After the ICO will be over, the tokens will be acquired from an exchange.


So far, the FairWin team has come with 3 games that players will soon be able to enjoy on this platform.

Yggdrasil is a 5×3 slot game about a magic tree. As the user collects mana in order to grow the tree, new features are unlocked as the tree undergoes changes in the process of growth.

Back to the 90’s is a game about a Japanese-style fight club that will feature two main characters: the girl named Aiko and her friend Taro. At the beginning, the player can select a character to play fore and challenge the “bad guys” to a fight. The goal of this game is to pass all levels, defeat all contenders and hit the jackpot.

The Drop is set in Colombia in the middle of 1970’s back when the operations of Pablo Escobar’s Medelin cartel were in full swing. Starting as a newcomer in the organization, the player is supposed to dump cargoes from the plane and complete missions.

The Team

Behind FairWin stands a skilled team of experienced developers in the area. Their software has been verified by hundreds of games and tens of billions of moves. The team is committed to offer the best experience for its users and correct the errors that less experienced developers make upon entering the gaming market.

Roman Morozov is the CEO of FairWin. He is results-driven and structure oriented proven specialist and a master of change. He is a jack of all trades who is thriving in challenging, collaborative, fast-paced environment. His visionary and entrepreneurial skills can ensure that FairWin will reach its full potential.


In conclusion, FairWin is a solid project backed by an experienced team and strong products. The approach of this project can bring a positive impact in the world of online gambling and even inspire other projects in the future.

FairWin is currently undertaking ICO and you can find out more about this amazing project by reading their White Paper and visiting their website http://fairwin.io/ in order to take the decision if you want to be a part of this promising project from its early stages.




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