How Blockchain and IoT Tech Will Guarantee Pet Food Safety

Blockchain technology architectureThe things, considered by people as impossible in past are possibly real in the world of technology. Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things are radically altering the way human beings worked and expected from machines; the way businesses operate and even the living standards are being elevated.

Advance technology combines the knowledge of human beings and precision of machines to empower the apps and software’s that connect the business processes and the end user.

Blockchain is a technology suitable for storing information, processing it and in data management; it is an open ledger that shares and precise and up-to-date entries by several parties to the business.

The Internet of things is the system that exchanges data and interacts with the users via the machines; this transmission is structured and routed through the software’s and applications.

Technologies like IoT and Blockchain have unique features that united as well as independently contribute in the innovation of products and services for all industries including the Pet food.

Blockchain and IoT Tech Will Assure Pet Food Safety:

1. Existing Processes: The business has its existing processes, with the touch of technology, it is not fair that we remove all of them instead; it enables to strengthen the process whether it is production, supply chain, sales, or interaction with customers. It allows users to manage the existing products efficiently.

2. Decision Making: The data and its interpretations allow the buyers to make decision based on the food quality and safety.

3. Product Selection: Based on the details available the customers can be aware and selective about the food quality, its contents, and the parties involved like the harvesters, manufacturers, processors, suppliers etc.

4. Traceability: The product traceability was concern for years and now technology is providing the easy access to accurate information about the products in detail and in-real time.

5. Sufficient Information: For selecting food, we need information and right data to support our decision. The food choice, brand selection and production techniques each and every thing is at the perusal with glance of the customers. Scanning the QR codes over the packages can reveal the contents of package, freshness of food, techniques used in the processing, manufacturing details and lot more.

6. Reliability: The accuracy and trustworthiness that technology based solutions can provide are matchless and unique. The pet food packets that meet standards of FDA certification whether they are suitable for the animals and can improve their health, what are the computations of the ingredients like high protein or grain free all this has been possible due to the data that blockchain maintains and IoT transmits.

7. Quality: The food quality has huge impact on the health of human beings and their pets. The companies build applications based on blockchain and these apps operated to track the products and examine the food quality.

8. Lifestyle and Technology: The health maintenance is new focus of humans for self and their pets. Now food is not just intake of meals but consuming nutritious food to improved health and avoiding illness.

9. Valuable Insights: Introduction of new business models is equally important as innovating for the product and service. This not only attracts new customers but increased predictability of revenues. The approach of the business, efficient planning, and execution all are some of the hidden uses of the technological development.

10. Brand Building: Mutual relations are benefit and trust based specially in business hence the transparency in supply chain of food industry and accurate real-time data of the transactions involves technology in brand building.

11. Reduced Complexity: Freedom to monitor the transactions and interact with the parties both are the advantages of Blockchain technology and IoT respectively. It reduces the complexity of production and supply chain and ensures food safety and quality control.

12. Food Safety: Pets have been important in lives of their owners and they are ready to spend substantial amount on their food. The buyers want to have information that resolves the concerns about the quality and is safe for their pets. Reports on the standards defined by FDA are available which helps identify the negligence as well as damages during the process. IoT transmits the information about production, quality, exposure of abnormalities, food storage etc. as per the food industry norms.

13. Hi-speed Delivery: The constraints of food having limited shelf life, development of chemicals in the food, adverse effects of the reactions due to stale food and much more can be avoided with the speedy delivery that too after meeting the specific requirements of buyers.

14. Lessens Medical Expenses: The improved and maintained standards of pet food reduces the medical treatment and hospitalizations expenses, reduces the death rate. The technology based solutions creates positive impact and improves the overall health of pets.

15. Reduces Wastage: Food wastage is a major problem and the pet food produced for specific animals as per their body characteristics and food preferences. Cats may not like the type of food that dogs prefer or that parrots like. Hence, the use of processed food has higher chances of being spoiled. This ultimately is where the intervention of technology helps the stocks, storage, supply, and similar activities.

16. Removing Inconsistencies: Technology like IoT and Blockchain fills the gaps in the farming, processing, packaging, maintaining quality and food delivery with the supporting data based on which implementing probable rectifications is possible to avoid losses.

17. Customer Satisfaction: The magnification of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain solutions & services is altering the user, buyer, and producers experience, which indirectly enhances the customer experience, as the solutions built are customer centric.

18. User Friendly: The software and applications are user friendly and provide data security as well as control the stocks, manages orders and deliveries with automation of services.

The pet food industry was in need of innovation in storage, production, and delivery stages with IoT and Blockchain the capacity and efficiency of the supplychain is improved and newer methods to sell the invented products and serve customers in long run.

Globally, IoT and Blockchain technologies benefit the individuals, companies, and pet food industry in growth, research and development, cost control and market capture. The future of business can accelerate with the technological advancements.

– Harsh Arora




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