ICOBench, the top expert’s rating and analytical platform, implements IEO for Initial Exchange Offering

Recently, ICOBench implemented a separate section on its platform dedicated to Initial Exchange Offering. According to one of their top experts, Clemen Chiang: “The Initial Exchange Offering is a new approach to crypto-banking that is slowly catching the interest of ICOs and traders across the world. This new system provides a different type of exchange where the exchange acts as middle man between projects and contributors.”

About ICOBench?

ICOBench, the top rating platform for new blockchain projects and most visited analytical platform that provides analytical, legal and technical insights to the investors in the ICO Global Market account according to Alexa and Similarweb, with 5,400 published projects, which in turn have raised more than $25 billion in funding, and 17K ratings by independent experts. ICObench is made of 390 participating industry experts and reaches more than 75K individuals who participate in Blockchain and Crypto Market.




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