Impressions after attending Ian Balina’s Crypto World Tour in Bucharest

Ian Balina is the former Analytics Evangelist at IBM who has become over time one of the biggest influencers in the blockchain industry. He is the leader of a global cryptocurrency investor syndicate that invests up to $10 million in promising blockchain startup’s token sales. He is most famous for his YouTube podcasts, where he analyzes new projects who are currently undertaking ICO. Thousands of followers who have followed his advices have become millionaires by now, thus making Ian Balina one of the most popular and appreciated analysts in the industry.

Ian Balina publicly congratulated the representatives of ETH Buyer for organizing the event

The Romanian private investor group, “ETH Buyer”, led by Razvan Sabau, Vlad Stoica and Eduard Gutu, together with the owners of Face Club Bucharest, one of the most luxurious and popular locations in town, have organized Ian Balina’s event in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. People from all over Eastern Europe hurried to attend this event, owners of ICOs, traders, investors, CEOs of various crypto projects and, of course, our Romanian colleagues from Coin Info News.

The location was perfectly chosen to encourage quality networking between participants. After telling us his incredible story and how he managed to rise from a 9 to 5 job to a millionaire, he encouraged entrepreneurs that ran ICOs to promote their projects in front of everybody and after answering a few questions, a small contest was organized, where the public would vote for the winner.

Ian Balina and Cristian Tuns, the founder of Coin Info News

The ICO that won the pitch in Bucharest was Bolt. The event continued with a Q&A session, where participants were more than glad to ask Ian Balina some of the most challenging questions. The event concluded afterwards with an epic after-party, that lasted until the dawn of the following day.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, mostly because of the quality of the participants. Networking seemed to be the word of the night and everybody was happy to share a little part of their vast experience with others. Ian Balina’s visit in Bucharest united us all into a big and positive crypto family.





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