Interview with Cristian Diaconu, the COO of Aryia

Cristian DiaconuInterview with Cristian Diaconu, the COO of Aryia

1. How did you have the idea to start ARYIA?
Both me and Alex have been using smart speakers for a couple years now because they generally make one’s life easier, they’re very convenient to use and practical to have around. At one point we were just talking and started joking if those devices may actually be listening to everything that we say. And from a joke we actually started researching how smart speakers collect data and if they share it with third parties. That’s when we found out that there’s quite a lot of data being collected from us, without our direct consent and that’s when we became a little uneasy about the whole smart speaker aspect. Recent scandals are standing as a living proof that we were on the right path. So that’s when we decided to address this issue and create the first smart speaker focused on privacy.

2. What exactly is ARYIA and what makes it different from other projects?
At Aryia, we are leveraging blockchain to disrupt the invasive smart speaker industry by building the first blockchain-powered smart speaker with focus on privacy while creating an entire ecosystem around it.
We answer today’s data privacy concerns by giving users control over their data while also rewarding them for any involvement in the Aryia ecosystem. Rewards can later be spent within the decentralized voice-skills marketplace.

3. What can you tell us about Aryia Alpha?
Aryia Alpha is a smart speaker that you can use just like you would use an Amazon Echo, but without feeling that you’re being spied on or worrying that the device will leak your private conversations. However, if you DO want to share information, such as search patterns, music preferences or shopping lists, you will be rewarded with (AYA) coins and you can earn even more through the other rewards mechanisms.
You can spend all these coins back in Aryia’s ecosystem by purchasing custom voice skills from the decentralized marketplace or you can sell them through an exchange.

4. How is the ICO going so far?
Currently we opened up our private sale that will propel our project to the ICO stage and will also allow us to build our first prototype. More information about the ICO can be found on our website at

5. What are the most important milestones of this project?
Our first milestone is to successfully complete the private investment round going on now, as well as the main sale of the ICO. After this stage, we are planning to start manufacturing and distribution for our smart speaker in Q4 2019, followed by launching the decentralized marketplace and AI in 2020.

6. What can you tell us about the token?
We will launch our ICO with an ERC20 token. Later, we will have a token swap once we launch our own blockchain, 6-12 months after the ICO. The ERC 20 token symbol will be AYAT, with a total supply of 21 billion tokens, with an exchange rate of 1 ATAT = $0,01. We have a soft cap of $5M that will allow us to go into production and launch a working product and a hard cap of $40M that will help us achieve all the milestones listed on the website.

7. Behind every great project, there is a solid team. What can you tell us about the team behind the project?
The founders behind the project are me, Alex Delibas and Anton Yushin.
I am an early blockchain adopter with deep knowledge in entrepreneurship and experienced in working with Chinese hardware manufacturers.
Alex (CEO) is the founder of an 8 figure online advertising agency & passionate about blockchain and its large-scale applicability. He will leverage his experience in advertising to help Aryia.
Anton (Product Vision) is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in business.
Our project started getting a lot of positive feedback from various industry leaders. Some of them joined us as advisors, such as: Ben Way, serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, Gerald Friendland, AI professor at Berkeley University of California and Francois Poupard, Business Development Manager at Ethfinex.

8. What are the future plans of ARYIA?
Our goal is to become the number one choice for consumers who are looking to take back the ownership of their data by utilizing our AI system, initially available on our own smart speakers and with future plans to license it for third party devices.

Cristian Diaconu
With deep knowledge, experience and passion for entrepreneurship, Cristian helped multiple start-ups succeed and bring new ideas to fruition. As a blockchain early adopter, he dedicated time to study and explore practical applications for this innovative technology. At Aryia, he oversees the ongoing business operations, leads the product research and development efforts and focuses on building valuable partnerships.




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