Interview with Gary Whitehouse the  MANAGER IT DIVISIONAL SERVICES of Global Pay Net

Manager IT 1. How was the Global Pay Net project born?

We decided to improve and simplify the payment system, and this took quite a while. We also had to attract investors. Therefore, we decided to give 80% of the company capital to the investors. This allows to continue the project thanks to support of the investors. One for all, and all for one. This is how it works.

2. Why did you choose to create an international financial platform based on blockchain technology?

The Blockchain offers new and the most secure technologies. Moreover, the system is controlled by the investors, not by one person. E.g., our coin is a cryptocoin-based share. The value of the coin increases with the amount of money spent on the project. This means that each participant gets bigger profits. Among other things, he/she receives a percent of the total coin allocation.

3. What are the most important milestones of Global Pay Net?

An important stage is to implement this financial system into every sector of the world economy in a      pain-free way. The transition from the old financial system to the new one must be seamless and issue-free.

4. What is Global Pay Net and what makes it different from other projects?

All financial systems are in control of the society and each individual. We allow the society, i.e. our  investors, to control the system. They can decide how to change this financial system.

5. How is the ICO going so far?

It is worth noting that the ICO goes as planned. The number of investors has increased. Meanwhile, the state of affairs on the cryptocurrency market decreases the number of investors.

6. What is the role of the token?

The token allows us to control the coin emission to prevent glutting of the market and depreciation of the coin.

7. What can you tell us about the team behind Global Pay Net?

Our hand-picked team consists of seasoned professionals, each of whom worked in this field before.

8. What are the future plans?

Our goal is to meet expectations of the society and react to the new financial trends as well as to always stay one step ahead of our competition.

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