Interview with J. Mohan, the Founder of CoVEX

Interview with J. Mohan, the Founder & CEO of CoVEX Labs Technology

1. How did you have the idea to start CoVEX?

As a cryptocurrency trader, I was always struggling for multiple trading services like exchange and margin trading service in same platform. Some platforms only offer social trading service, not loan service. Very few offer payment gateway service and most of them are not so user friendly and have downtime. So, we developed that original concept of a single platform and a single wallet, where you can exchange, or become a margin trader, social trader, P2P loan and payment gateway.

2. What is CoVEX and what makes it different from other projects?

CoVEX is a vision with all trading service in the same platform. CoVEX will have a crypto exchange service, where traders can sell and buy with low fees. Its social trading platform will help the new trader to learn and copy trade from experiences traders. CoVEX’s P2P loan serve allows the borrow and lends of coin without any financial institution or third party services. CoVEX payment gateway paly as merchant service that authorized debit or credit card  payment for merchant or online retailers.

3. How does CoVEX help new entrepreneurs to start their new project?

CoVEX believes every entrepreneurs has dreamt for their project to succeed. CoVEX has a full qualified team to help them to achieve their goal.

CoVEX is an underwriting service to help them to develop their team, business plan, write their White Paper, create smart contract and not only that, CoVEX helps them build their project and run their own ICO.

4. How is the ICO going so far?

Our ICO has not started yet. Our pre-ICO is running 3rd week. We will have our ICO in September.

5. What will CoVEX offer its users?

CoVEX Coin Platform is implementing the next-generation blockchain-based platform, where traders can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, copy trade skills and compete with other traders within their investment group, Payment Gateway, Margin Trading Service and Loan credit service. This is not only about a single platform where we get all trading services, its concept of one wallet, which you can use for exchange, for loan borrow or lend, for payment gateway or use as prepaid or debit card service All these with so many features in one trading platform.

6. What will be the purpose of the CoVEX token?

The CoVEX token in based on ERC 223 new generation smart contract protocol. It is used for exchange, payment and landing and also the token will give reward to its toke holders.

7. What can you tell us about the team behind this project?

In our team we have Mr. Labu Ghimire, the CMO and Co-founder, who comes from stock trading background. He successfully established a stock broker house in Nepal. I am involved in the blockchain industry since 2015 and our CTO, Mr. Junaid, has been involved in blockchain development and he is a key person in developing our platform. We have Peter Wanjala, our Product and Business Head, who will look into the development of our platform, which matches the requirement of current needs. Our legal advisor, Mr. Danish, is the legal advisor for many blockchain projects. We have a good technical team and customers support team. All together we have a the perfect team to launch the CoVEX PLATFORM.

8. What are the future plans of CoVEX?

The future plans are described in our roadmap. First, we will develop our exchange house and social trading platform and after that we will introduce the loan credit service and so on. Our complete platform will be developed by late 2019.

J. Mohan, the Founder and CEO of CoVEX Labs Technology

I have been involved in the Financial Trading, Risk Management, Software Development and Business Development.
In 2001, I have started MiDas Technology to fill what I saw as a void in the school and hospital management system. Today, MiDas Technology has grown from a small start-up to 400 employees based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
I am an active investor and advisor in the SME sector in the United Kingdom. Over the years, I have diversified my involvement from software development to range of other sectors, including beverage, consumable goods to beauty and fashion products.




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