Interview with Jessica Contreras and Sean Brizendine from Aclyd

Jessica Contreras

  1. Jessica Contreras, how did you have the idea to start Aclyd?


    • Aclyd started with a real business,
    • I am a fully licensed US importer/exporter, and
    • This venture began with  my grandmother, who homebrewed Bacanora — Mexican Moonshine — which I would sell to small stores while spending summers in Mexico as a child. At the age of 21, while others were flexing their ability to drink legally, I was travelling throughout the tequila-production region of Mexico to form alliances and contracts. I returned to US to file all appropriate licenses and trademarks, and in 2018 I purchased a brand partly using Crypto, which now is on shelves with sales in 23 locations and growing.

  • Sales of alcohol have one often unrealized fact, a producer has two customers: the first ones are retailers — liquor stores, restaurants, night clubs, etc — who are the first purchasers of  product. These are a fragmented group that uses checks to pay me for product, which takes some times up to 90 days for collections, mail and processing. Crypto can be utilized to reduce this procedure to seconds.

  • Inventory of products is also not tracked because systems are not integrated, thus alcohol wholesalers send out small armies of employees called liquor reps to manage the sales pipeline, which crypto transaction on the blockchain can reduce to a data processing solution.

  • Lastly, the KYC/AML of a digital wallet can be used to keep underage drinkers from using the token to make alcohol purchases. Your ID was used to form your Coinbase or other account, and that ID can also be used along with non-invasive biometrics to keep alcohol from minors.


  1. Why did you choose the alcohol industry?


  • Alcohol always sells, and sales can be improved using the ACLYD token. I challenge others to name a product that sells just as well in good times and bad?

  • Utilization of token cuts payment times down to seconds from current 30-90 days, the opportunity costs associated with tying up money for 30 days and using snail mail — are extremely high in this category.
  • No more liquor reps: blockchain opens information sharing in terms of inventory management, areas where sales are good and/or need improvements — token lets me see where all is at and going in terms of resources.

  • Door-to-door delivery of alcohol are currently growing at 32%, and can be better managed though use of a digital wallet that keeps products out of the hands of kids.

  1. How is the ICO going so far?


  • Smashed through softcap, now sold more than 35 million tokens.
  • Built some key strategic partnerships with, social media platform, Minersedge, Plaak Exchange, Red Beryl — who is a tech partner, Depository Network, and  Mandala Exchange.
  1. What exactly is Aclyd and what makes it different from other projects?


  • Its real and based on an operating business, not concept.
  • Solid business model, live project, MVP.
  1. What are the most important milestones of this project?


  • Softcap,
  • Developing exchange partnerships,
  • Nasdaq appearance
  • Use case involving industry participants.
  1. How about the Wallet?


  • Consumer purchases product, and the token side of that transaction is  automated within the purchase.
  • Initially the token is more efficiently used within the $26 Billion wholesale market by participants in the industry.


  • On the consumer side, the user makes the purchase and it’s done.
  • Businesses within the sales/inventory channel are then able to use blockchain to track purchases, speed  payments, and conduct cross-border transactions.
  1. What can you tell us about the token?

Sean: We are based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard, but our code also contains some security features of 223.

  1. How about the team behind the project?

Sean/Team:  This is the who’s who of crypto in terms of experience:

  • Barbara Bickham (ICObench Expert),
  • Chai Shepherd (Exchange expert),
  • Jose Villalto (ICOBench Expert and ICO advisor),
  • Prashant Pandey (DApp and blockchain development expert)
  • Shahid Chisty (Tech Executive)
  • Myself (Sean B.) ICO Expert associated with completed $50M ICO
  1. What strategic partnerships are you planning to close for the development of Aclyd?

Jessica: Alcohol wise —

  • Sabaca Beverage Group: we currently partner with wholesaler that allows us to expand into 33 states,
  • Casa Maetstri: our manufacturing partner allows us the opportunity to expand our reach into partnering brands with sales of 6 millions plus,
  • Trece Lunas: Distribution within 4 markets in Europe


  • Exchanges (Plaak, Mandala, Possible NASDAQ interview in partnership with…
  • (Barbara)
  1. What future plans do you have for Aclyd?


  • We can move into Gov ID verification, becoming a primary and or secondary for of ID,
  • Wallet can expand into consumer payment system for other products that are ID based, tobacco, medical products, etc.
  • Token can be used in cross border transactions, Mexico/US alone has $26 Billion that is sent by Mexicans back home

Thank you, Jessica & Sean!




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