Interview with the Co-Founder and CEO of Oryx Ecosystem

ciprian_popa_nihilo_coininfonewsInterview with Ciprian Popa, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Oryx Ecosystem

1. What is the Oryx ecosystem and what is the vision behind it?

Oryx Ecosystem is a comprehensive platform which synergises technology with investing and banking and creates a value enhancer for all the Oryxian community members. This eco system has technology as its heart, our wholly in-house developed 3rd generation blockchain – Nihilo. This blockchain powers the different platforms in the eco system. The Eco system has a block chain powered Venture Capital fund which invests into startups and early stage companies who use technology as a business enabler and differentiator. The investment into the VC fund is through the subscription of our digital asset OryxCash (ICO started from 20th August). In the Oryx eco system, there are 3 banks which are in different stages of formation in the jurisdictions of Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Peru. The fully licensed commercial banks will act as value enhancer for the eco system and would provide the Oryxians the much need banking platform to be used for monetization of their digital asset holdings held in their eWallet – OryxPay. The Mastercard powered payment platform will be an enabler and game changer for the crypto investor community. This is one of the biggest piece that has been missing from lot of entities which have attempted to monetize the wallet holdings into Fiat currency though the payment platforms. Besides, these there are 5 utility platforms where the utility value of our other digital asset – OryxCoin, is enhanced. The utility platforms comprises of lotto & e-auctions platform, monetizing the social media accounts platform, ecommerce platform, movies & entertainment programs funding platform and gaming & e-casino platform. The publicly traded utility coin, OryxCoin, provided opportunity to the holders to earn additional income through staking and masternodes. OryxCoin will be used to pay dividends to the holders of OryxCash.

This ecosystem works with an objective of having an integrated platform that works to enhance the value of its stakeholders, generate income for the Oryxian community.

2. What are the products powering Oryx?
Oryx has two digital assets that powers the eco-system. The digital assets, OryxCash and OryxCoin run on our wholly inhouse developed blockchain – Nihilo. OryxCash is the asset back digital asset and OryxCoin is the utility token.

3. What can you tell us about OryxCash?

OryxCash is the asset backed digital asset of Oryx. The subscription of OryxCash leads to the creation of the Oryx Venture Capital Fund. This fund will invest into startups and early stage companies that would use technology as an enabler, enhancer and differentiator of the business.

4. How will OryxCash help the startup companies on the long run?

Through the sale of OryxCash, the Venture Capital Fund that will be created, would be investing into technology powered startups and early stage companies. OryxCash will be an ongoing ICO. In the current round USD 45 million would be raised and deployed. Post deployment when more investment opportunities would come or further investments into existing investee companies would come, the company will issue more OryxCash for subscription to investors. Thereby creating an on tap source for fund raising for startup companies. Oryx in its subsequent investment into an existing investee company would provide funding as quasi equity, thereby acting as real and long term partners to the investee companies. This will make Oryx as funding source of choice for lot of good startups.

5. What is OryxCoin?

OryxCoin is the utility coin of the Oryx eco system. OryxCoin is on a public blockchain and is mineable. OryxCOin is listed and being traded regularly in 3 crypto exchanges, with few more exchange listings in pipeline. OryxCoin would also be paid as dividends to the holders of OryxCash upon the gain in the valuation of the Venture Capital fund portfolio. OryxCoin would provide additional income to its holders through staking and masternodes. OryxCoin has a total supply of 21 million and at present about 8.5 million coins have been mined. OryxCoin’s untility gets enhanced on the 5 platforms that we have developed specigically for the Oryxian community to buy products and services in exchange of their OryxCoin holding.

6. What are the future plans in developing this promising project?

The project would work towards enhancing ideation, innovation and entrepreneurship, for this talks are taking place with various incubators and accelerators. Oryx will develop and run program on the lines of Sharktank where founders will get a platform to present their business idea to a large Oryxian community. Oryx is also working on setting up training and development institute in India which will help in developing Blockchain developers/coders and consultants who would then be used by the consulting arm of Oryx for undertaking blockchain implementation and execution projects with Governments and Private sector. Further opportunities would be explored to bring other crypto currencies to use the payments platform of Oryx which would be on our 3 banks, so that their holders can monetize their holdings using the Mastercard payment gateway.




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