LightPayCoin, the cryptocurrency based on POS and Masternodes

In the past decade, the crypto market has evolved from a single cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) to an entire industry. The expansion of the crypto market ranges from blockchain based projects that provide a more secure and transparent alternative to products from the virtual world to different types of cryptocurrencies.

What is LightPayCoin?

LightPayCoin (LPC) is a new cryptocurrency based on proof of stake (POS) and masternodes. LightPayCoin can be used as a method of payment or exchange for goods and services and it can be safely stored in its own secure wallet. Thanks to the blockchain technology, users can view a full list of records, because each block is linked to the previous block. What is truly amazing about LightPayCoin is the integration for contactless phone payment through Point of Sale terminals and ATMs, that will greatly increase its adoption by the masses in the near future.


A masternode is a cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. A masternode is considerably different than a normal node, because it performs several other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain and relaying blocks/transactions as a full node does, for example, in Bitcoin. The usage of masternodes provide stability and security of the entire network, speed of transactions and operation of user functions.

In the case of LightPayCoin cryptocurrency, masternodes represent a crucial part, as they are a network of computers/servers which donate processing power to the network in order for transactions to be confirmed. After the transaction is confirmed, a reward is paid directly to your LightPayCoin wallet linked to the masternode.

LightPayCoin Masternode

The technology of LPC masternodes makes it easy to use and trustworthy, ranking it in top 7 MNOs in the world by the transaction volume.

The Wallet

LPC comes with its own wallet that can ensure the anonymity of payments by using darksend technology. With the usage of a special algorithm, darksend mixes sent funds, thus providing a high level of anonymity.

Contactless Payments

LPC comes with a different approach that can facilitate the mass adoption of the coin. LPC uses NFC technology that enables users to make contactless payments through their phone much faster than in the case of cash or bank card payments. Users can also cash out LPC for dollars or euros through ATMs.


The Coin

LightPayCoin (LPC) uses the algorithm Quark. The masternode collateral is 1 000 LPC. The block reward ranges between 3 and 26 LPC, while its masternode reward ranges from 65% to 90%. The staking reward ranges from 25% to 10%. The total supply of LPC is 21 000 000 LPC.

The Team

Behind LightPayCoin lies an experienced and multicultural team that aims to bring LPC to its true potential. They currently have official representants in USA, Croatia, SOuth Korea, India, Ukraine and Philippines.

Damon Bryant, USA is an entrepreneur and organizational psychologist with over 15 years of experience in data analytics and psychological assessment tools investing. He conceived and developed the internet-based, Smart Test Technology® platform, a computer adaptive assessment system. Past honors include IBM’s Young Innovator Award for developing human resources software for use in international markets.


In conclusion, LightPayCoin is a solid coin with tremendous potential. With a great vision and high trading volume of the coin, LPC could become one of the most powerful cryptocurrencies on the market.

You can read more about LightPayCoin on their website:




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