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NextPakk has passed a new milestone with over 100,000 registered users on their platform

You’ve already heard about the East India Company competitor, NextPakk, as the first delivery service based on blockchain technology. If you haven’t, feel free to check the article that we covered about it here.

Last week, NextPakk community went global by expanding to Indonesia, Korea and Spanish speaking countries thanks to enthusiasts who came on board to assist with translation, promotion, facilitation and moderation of the content to share with their local communities.

The AMAs from NextPakk YouTube channel continue to have increasing engagement, with over 10 000 subscribers and over 6 200 views on the NextPakk Explained Viddeo from their YouTube channel.

Because of the increasing number of subscribers on their YouTube channel, the NextPakk team will unveil a segment known as Open Pakk throughout August. This will involve their team to create Q&A videos with their partners and other unique blockchain startups in the industry. NextPakk has also passed a new milestone, having over 100,000 registered users on their website.

To learn more about NextPakk’s Blockchain Solution, check their website for additional information.

NextPakk is currently undergoing ICO and you can apply for the Private Sale by joining the Whitelist here.




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