NextPakk is taking over social media with their AMAs

nextpakk 2You’ve already heard about the East India Company competitor, NextPakk, as the first delivery service based on blockchain technology. If you haven’t, feel free to check the article that we covered about it here.

NextPakk is already an interesting concept in the blockchain field, but moreover, they have been taking to social media platforms, especially YouTube live, which is kind of a challenge because of the number of team members who were on it. What’s interesting about this, is the fact that the team behind NextPakk isn’t just content about the website and its information, but they also care deeply about informing their clients and potential future customers.

The AMA was quite successful and according to NextPakk’s Supply Chain Strategic Advisor, Mike Maceroni, NextPakk is an “enhancement to the current Logistics network, that does not yet exist.

The team members of the project were on YouTube Live from all over the world, be it from Singapore or the U.S or Australia, and so on. It felt like a team who cared so much about their project, their customers, and their investors. Around twenty questions were answered during the AMA. It was their first time to go live, and it was at the 30th of June, 2018, and is clearly to not be to the only episode that they will have with their audience. If you missed it, be sure to check it here.

The second episode of NextPakk’s live session “Our Pakk” is going live at Saturday, July 14th, 13:30 UTC. It was stated by the team that they learned a lot along the stream, even though the original intention was to help the community learn more about their project. The team was self-aware that there were some issues with the first livestream, but they also stated that they will improve their livestreams with every new episode.

To learn more about NextPakk’s Blockchain Solution, check their website for additional information.




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