NextPakk: Package Delivery is now on Blockchain

nextpakkA few centuries ago, when you would order something, you would’ve had to wait for so long for the shipment to arrive. Your package would be sailing oceans, passing through storms and raging seas and winds and bad tides, and you must be so darn rich to afford the delivery costs. After all, normal people like us would’ve never had the chance to order something during that era.

Then we kick in the 20th century and everything changes at last. Packages are quicker, services show up for normal citizens who have nothing to do with colossal corporations or royalty and nobility. It finally became easier. And today, with so many services and online stores like Amazon, Ebay, whatever it is, it’s even simpler. But unfortunately, even today there are challenges: mistaken packages, late deliveries and scams. Not to mention that you’d have to share your information with the websites that you purchase from. Imagine sharing your personal information on Alibaba, only for it to be revealed for countless fake suppliers who won’t stop bothering you for eternity.

Now with the rise of blockchain technology, it isn’t surprising to see package delivery enter that field. And with an assumed savior that could fix most of the difficulties that we’re facing with today’s delivery system from online stores. And that’s where NextPakk comes in.

What is NextPakk?

NextPakk, is a service that aims to deliver packages ordered by folks like us within a short period of time and to ensure that we’re home to receive our delivery and as fast as possible. It uses blockchain tech as an advantage to keep the identity and information of the customers confidential, unlike other services and websites that demand such information. NextPakk also offers a shared economy policy, meaning you can earn yourself some money by delivering NextPakk packages.

The Problem

Imagine finally ordering that cool notebook for $20 that you found on Amazon and was so thrilled when you got it. You were told it will be delivered between 2 to 3 working days. On the delivery day, you weren’t notified, and unfortunately for you, you weren’t home. Let’s say you decided to hang out with friends. The package was delivered while you were away. But once you get home, you find nothing. It’s stolen. Another scenario is finding your package delivered somewhere else by mistake. You’d be forced to set the delivery location to somewhere else to make sure it won’t be stolen, and that you won’t miss it. But unfortunately the catch is that you’ll end up losing more money. In this case, wasting more money.

Package delivery services are struggling with the growing e-commerce demand in the market nowadays. And it’s a constant challenge for them to secure every delivery and make sure it all goes smoothly. But the core of this problem lies within the customers themselves. Addresses can be incorrect, you might find the order cancelled, sometimes the location will be remote, or difficult to access, and worst of all, like the above mentioned scenario: the customer might not be available to receive the package.

The Solution

NextPakk is a well thought out idea. Simply because of how the problems listed above will be dealt with thanks to their Pakka platform. In the whitepaper, the solutions proposed were sufficient to handle all the difficulties that package delivery faces. For instance, the amount of facilities available to support that process is quite dim, yet thanks to the shared blockchain economy that NextPakk is utilizing, there will be an entire network, a gigantic team, scattered across, to ensure everything is properly handled. The operation will be divided based on the shoppers, local businesses, package delivery points and last mile drivers that will take on the final goal: reaching the customer and delivering their package.

nextpakk solution

Partnering with local businesses will allow to utilize unused space and also save up so much, thus making up for the deficiency with facilities. And the package delivery points (PDPs) are close to where the customers live, allowing for a much shorter distance and a better delivery speed. The PDPs are placed strategically to handle the stress that traffic could cause, and there won’t be any loss since NextPakk is utilizing the shared economy to rely on PDPs and drivers who are already compensated for their services, in exchange for ensuring proper delivery at a scheduled time with the customer, to be certain they’re home. At this rate, there’s no room for failure.

The Token

NextPakk’s token is the Pakka, which can be used to purchase services from NextPakk if desired. With a soft cap aimed at $1,000,000, and a hard cap at 52.8 million dollars in the ICO, NextPakk leaves a lot of room for investors who are interested in playing a part in its role. The total token supply is stated on their website to be one billion Pakka.

The participants in NextPakk will be many, since it’s a shared economy. The customer will pay in Pakka for the services, the local businesses partnered with NextPakk will ensure that the package is safe and secure, and individuals from all over can participate for delivery. The deliveries will be focused on evening schedules to be certain that the customer is home.

The Team

The blend of technicians and businessmen and marketers in this team is astonishing. Every member was hand-picked in a way that made it certain that everything would be even. There won’t be a specialty or field that has lesser members or so on. The CEO, Lowell Fortune, is a veteran of the USAF, with over twelve years of experience, he was responsible for billions of dollars of government assets, and he pulled it off. With so much experience in front-end and back-end development and business development, it wouldn’t be surprising that Lowell knows what he’s doing and is going to lead his team towards success. The advisors are an interesting blend of logisticians, business administrators, marketers, engineers and so forth. The team behind Nextpakk leaves no holes to be filled.


NextPakk is quite an interesting approach to solving the problems we face with package deliveries, especially that it leaves so many opportunities open for people who want to participate and be compensated for their services. It’s decentralized, meaning you won’t have to share your information with anyone and keep that information confidential. It will make sure that package deliveries will finally be done right, and in an evolved form of blockchain backing it up. The team is efficient and highly experienced, and the idea is both unique and worthy of investment, and more importantly, it all pours down into benefiting the customer waiting for their package to be delivered.

NextPakk is still under ICO. For more information, visit their website: and their White Paper.





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