Nihilo Coin, the 3rd Generation Cryptocurrency

We are the generation lucky enough to be able to catch not one, but two waves of change that opened to us completely new doors of opportunities. The first wave came two decades ago, when we welcomed the Internet into our lives. It did not take long until the foundation of the world we knew was completely shattered and transformed into something completely different than any generation before us had the chance to witness. People from all over the world became more connected, thus enabling our elites to work together on life-changing projects and before you knew it, our lives almost completely moved online. An entire ecosystem soon started to develop around the Internet, with products, services and response to needs you had no idea even existed. Lots of things from our offline world soon found a better brother in the virtual world and this was only the beginning.

A decade later, the second wave was brought to us by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. It did not come in the offline world, but on the Internet. At first, like in the case of the first wave, most people were clueless of its true potential or utility and it took a few years until this wave moved from the enthusiastic early adopters to masses. The in doubtable benefits and opportunities offered by the practical application of the blockchain technology started to create an improved sister from the existing products and services in the virtual world, changing once again the rules of the game.

The Problem

We all know that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency based on the blockchain technology, but there was still a lot of room for improvement and many accepted the challenge of creating a better and improved alternative. Years have passed and Ethereum and NEO entered the stage, but they are far from reaching the full potential that a cryptocurrency can have. They haven’t solved the problem of high volatility and many e-commerce and even banking platforms that wanted to adopt cryptocurrencies as a payment method were reserved due to their unstable price. When talking about a cryptocurrency, the mining process is an important part of it that can be greatly improved.

The Solution

A relatively new project, Nihilo Coin, has accepted the challenge and has all the chances to become “the next Bitcoin” by introducing the 3’rd generation POS open source cryptocurrency. Currently at the price of just 0.15 USD, Nihilo Coin is slowly, but surely building its way to the top with a little victory won each day.

Unlike its predecessors, Nihilo comes with a completely different approach that can ensure a stable price, greatly reduce its volatility and redefine mining, thus becoming a reliable alternative to existing cryptocurrencies.

What is Nihilo?

Nihilo Coin is an alternative payment solution designed to function in an open source blockchain that can enable instant payments between two peers through the third generation of PoS blockchain algorithm. According to their White Paper, Nihilo is a disintermediated direct payment service with no middle-man payment service providers. Nihilo Coin is processed autonomously without middle-man payment system operators. Nihilo Coin provides for 24/365 multilateral real-time gross settlement of the payment claims between node and masternode participants in its distributed Blockchain ecosystem.

The innovation

With its completely different approach, Nihilo innovates and slowly improves the utility of cryptocurrencies. Nihilo Coin is a cryptographic medium of exchange that offers an alternative way of payment and because it is an open source virtual unit of account, it can offer instant cashless peer-to-peer payment transactions. Nihilo Coin also comes with a build-in decentralized and disintermediated peer-to-peer e-commerce online marketplace.

It is notable to mention that Nihilo Coin is a true pioneer in cryptocurrency retail banking, as it plans to provide its community the opportunity to use Nihilo Payment Cards for everyday payment transactions.

And last, but not least, Nihilo Coin has its own original way of mining. To effectively disintermediate and distribute its decentralized governance framework, Nihilo Coin is mined peripherally and this way of mining helps preventing any entity from taking control over the autonomous and independent operation of Nihilo Real-time Gross Settlement Payments InterNetWork.

The Team

Behind Nihilo Coin lies a solid and multicultural team of experts all the fields needed to make Nihilo Coin reach its full potential.

Even the founder, Ciprian Popa, is highly qualified for this task, with over 15 years of experience as Business Development Manager and Chief Executive Officer in different production environments and green field projects. He managed companies with 200+ employees elaborating key corporate strategies, increasing profitability ratios and improving the overall financial position of the businesses. His major responsibilities were the successful leadership and management of business organizations according to the strategic directions set by their Board of Directors. Ciprian is actively involved in mining operations and worldwide Blockchain technology projects with cross-functional mission to explore emerging business technologies and define appropriate strategies that maximize opportunities whilst efficiently mitigate and minimize possible threats and risks.


Nihilo Coin is a complex and solid project with huge potential and a highly qualified team that has all the necessary skills to reach the goals they have set themselves into. Each day, Nihilo closes strong strategic partnerships, one of them with the Swiss financial intermediary business, with EST CAPITAL AG, that facilitates a bridge between the classical finance industry and crypto.

Behind Nihilo, there is NIHL Community Masternodes, a strong community with members from all over the world that power the entire network, thus ensuring the decentralized and distributed governance of Nihilo Coin. The smart use of the blockchain technology ensures that all transactions on Nihilo network are safe, secure, instant and irrevocable, making Nihilo Coin one of the most advanced cryptocurrencies up to date.

The introduction of the online marketplace will be a real game changer, offering a better alternative to Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. Nihilo Coin comes with a low price volatility algorithm, meaning that unlike other cryptocurrencies, it will have a stable price and it will eliminate the consumer’s fear that his crypto assets will be devaluated overnight.

Bitcoin might have been the first cryptocurrency, but the improvements and alternatives brought by Nihilo Coin bring him the potential of surpassing all other cryptocurrencies in only a few years. If you are looking for “the next Bitcoin”, I highly believe that Nihilo is a more than suitable candidate, and I encourage you to do your own research, starting with their website and White Paper




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