Our Pakk AMA #6 & A New Founder Focus

nextpakk 7 septYou’ve already heard about the East India Company competitor, NextPakk, as the first delivery service based on blockchain technology. If you haven’t, feel free to check the article that we covered about it here.

Last week, we talked about how NextPakk Quiz #2 coming soon & NextPakk’s International Community is expanding with Portuguese, Vietnamese & African communities.

Every second Saturday for the past 3 months, NextPakk has been going live on YouTube to answer questions from our community. With their ICO currently on hold, they want to keep pumping out their community events like AMAs and NextPakk Quizzes on the regular. If you have missed their previous AMA episodes and want to see how it all goes down, they have over 4 hours of content available for viewers. Here is the full list of NextPakk AMAs:

Our Pakk AMA #1

Our Pakk AMA #2

Our Pakk AMA #3

Our Pakk AMA #4

Our Pakk AMA #5

Their latest episode will go live within the next 24 hours and you can win some PAKKA tokens along the way.

Our Pakk AMA #6 livestream @ 13:30 UTC, Saturday, September 8th, 2018.

In the upcomming months, they will also commerce weekly Founder’s Videos, in the form of interview sessions hosted by NextPakk’s Founder, Lowell Fortune. hese videos will be set out in a Q&A format with some open discussion throughout, or as educational or motivational pieces. It will be a forum for founders to share their project details, their experiences, and the methods they use to bring it all together, overcoming significant challenges along the way.

On NextPakk Telegram Channel and Announcements Channel you can find more information about upcomming quizzes and you can learn how you can earn a handful of PAKKA tokens for participating.

To learn more about NextPakk’s Blockchain Solution, check their website for additional information.

NextPakk is currently undergoing ICO and you can apply for the Private Sale by joining the Whitelist here.




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