P2P Solutions Foundation, the first and only interference-free communication platform

The expansion of the internet brought too many different innovative products that helped us greatly improve our lives. An entire ecosystem of applications, programs and websites appeared on the internet and it didn’t take long until they became widely used by the vast majority of people. With the apparition of blockchain technology almost one decade ago, everything started shifting into a completely different direction, mostly because of the additional innovations it brought to the already existing technology. Now, it seems that the history repeats itself, with many better alternatives to virtual products built on top of the blockchain technology and one of them is P2P Solutions Foundation.

What is P2P Solutions Foundation?

P2P Solutions Foundation was created as a joint action between Electronic Learning INC (ELI) and Innovative Solutions International INC (ISI) with the purpose of creating a worldwide network of digital services, in order to bring an alternative model to traditional peer-to-peer models.

According to their White Paper, P2P Solutions Foundation is a peer-to-peer platform which safeguards sensitive digital assets, such as your medical records or banking information, during exchange between two parties.

The Problem

There are various amounts of data that are currently stored online, varying from your private family photos and videos to bank records or data from your workplace. Even though it is easy to access them from anywhere and share your data with people of your choice from anywhere in the world, whether they are your friends or co-workers, the existing cloud storage devices are based on centralized servers, that can be hacked. Incidents of this kind have actually happened in the past, having leaked private and sensitive data. In the case of a business, one wouldn’t want all his private data to be accessible to everyone who can afford to hire a skilled hacker. What would be the point of investing so much time and money into planning, strategy, research and many others when your competition could take advantage of your work and make you lose your advantage that you worked so hard to earn?

The Solution

The solution is brought to us once again by the creative use of blockchain technology. P2PS comes as a solution to all the flaws that we can currently find on all the existing online platforms that digitally store data, by providing a platform that fixes the problem of data breaches. Without needing to worry about your data being leaked to strangers, you can focus on your work and continue to expand your business.

Another great thing about P2PS is that, aside from safeguarding your data, it comes with a solution to information interference, making sure to empower your right to have your private data classified.

How does it work?

Using the blockchain technology, P2PS is a decentralized and secure peer-to-peer communication platform that safeguards your data from unauthorized third parties. P2PS divides your files into many small parts, distributing each of them on multiple nodes terminals as backup, eliminating the dangers of hackers.

The Token

In order to gain access to the features provided by P2PS, you will need to use the P2PS utility token, created to assist in transactions on the decentralized, secure and interference free, Peer-to-Peer Communication System platform. There is a big chance that the P2PS utility token will be used on other systems such as Electronic Learning INC’s educational system, Pan Excels eLearning solutions, etc.

The Team

P2PS has a solid and motivated leadership team, dedicated to meet the goals they have set themselves into. Their team has experts in all the key points necessary for a project to succeed: IT, management, marketing, finance, strategy and ICO.

Their CEO Jameel A. Shariff is a third generation entrepreneur and visionary, who is also the CEO and co-founder of Electronic Learning INC since 2004 and Innovative Solutions International INC since 2010.

Their Chief Operating Officer is Dr. Waleed Aloriny, who is an expert in IT with a PhD in Systems Engineering. He also has an expertise in Voice/Data network, designing and implementation and information & Telecom security, making him the right person to help this project reach its full potential.


In conclusion, by innovating peer-to-peer communication with the use of blockchain technology, P2PS will soon become the safest place on the internet to store your private data. Starting from governments, secret services, corporations, entrepreneurs, politicians and ending with normal people, I truly believe that P2PS will soon become something that everyone will want to put their hands on.

The quality of this project can be seen by the variety of the skilled and experienced team behind it that have chosen to put their talents to good use and provide a platform that can bring a positive impact into our lives.

This promising project is currently in the ICO phase and after you conduct your own research, starting with their White Paper and continuing with their website https://www.p2psf.org , you can properly decide whether or not you want to be a part of the change and make some profit out of it.





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