Saudi Arabia’s state oil company is partnering with Nick Spanos

Interesting things are happening in Saudi Arabia these days, that could lead to the expansion of the blockchain industry. In order to eliminate fraud and human error in the oil industry with energyledger, Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company is partnering with Nick Spanos and his company in order to put Saudi oil industry management and accounting on the blockchain.
In an interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Nick Spanos, CEO and co-founder of, and founder of Blockchain Technologies Corp and the Bitcoin Centre NYC, talked about the Saudis’ enthusiasm for blockchain technology: “Saudi Arabia is kicking the tires, and that’s huge. As part of their ambitious Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia as a whole is doing everything it can to modernize and diversify their economy. It means they’re open to doing things differently — and to doing big things with blockchain,” said Spanos. “Everyone we meet is thrilled about the potential of blockchain. It’s not just for oil, and you’ll see a lot come from here very soon.”




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