Sergey Bolshakov: “FairWin is launching a blockchain game based on the Scandinavian mythology”

lead developer of FairWin Sergey BolshakovThe lead developer of FairWin Sergey Bolshakov tells about the birth of the project, team building and the creation of a gaming platform and games on blockchain.

How was the FairWin project born?

It all began with the desire to make online casino games with cool animation and beautiful graphics. Then we learned about the blockchain technology and decided to develop not just games, but an innovative gambling platform on the Ethereum blockchain, because only this technology allows to make casinos fair. Half a year later we wrote the smart contract, gathered the team, found artists, animators, marketing experts. That is how the FairWin project was born.

Why did you choose to innovate the gambling industry?

We have been making custom games for online casinos worldwide since 2008. We know the ins and outs of how casinos and game mathematics work. The majority of online casinos tamper with the return percentage or the random number generator (RNG) to get greater profits. No online casino can guarantee the players fair gaming as all the game information is stored on the organizer’s server and hidden from players. The technology of blockchain alone can solve the problem of fairness.

What is FairWin and what makes it different from other projects?

The problem of casinos and games on blockchain in general is the low speed and high cost of transactions in the system. That is why we are developing FairChannel to transfer data on the FairWin platform. All game turns and the work of the  RNG are performed inside FairChannel. Only two transactions are on-chain – at the beginning and the end of a game session. This technology will allow to increase game speed and save on conducting transactions. All bets on the FairWin platform will be accepted only in the FWIN tokens. Besides, we create original games on the FairWin platform and now we are launching the beta version of our game “Yggdrasil” on blockchain. It is a slot game based on the Scandinavian mythology with original visuals and a plot developed by our team.

How is the ICO going so far?

The FairWin ICO will start right after publishing the beta version of Yggdrasil. We plan to begin the token sale on July, 7th, 2018. We are issuing a limited amount of tokens, the first investors can buy them at a 50% discount.

How will the platform work?

It is simple. The FWIN tokens will be required to play. With the help of a cryptowallet the player enters the game, replenishes his game balance – this is the first transaction on blockchain. The second transaction is made at the end of the game when the player withdraws the funds. All game turns and intermediate results are recorded in FairChannel. In the future, game developers will be able to add their games to our platform while game organizers will get an opportunity to introduce our games in their casinos and platforms via API.

What can you tell us about the products?

Now we have three original slot games under development. The first game is Yggdrasil. There the player will need to “grow” a magic tree, collecting magic symbols that land on the reels and accumulating mana.

The second game is called “Top Drop”, it deals with Colombian smugglers of the Pablo Escobar era. The player will need to transport contraband from Colombia to the USA, break away from a chase and pay off the police. The third one is the “Back to the 90’s” slot will be executed in the style of the 90’s Japanese fightings. The blockchain demos of these games will be accessible only on our site, everyone will be able to play them and test the FairWin platform free of charge with the test FWIN tokens.

How did you come up with the ideas of the three games?

Each game has its own background. The conception of the first game “Yggdrasil” was the most spontaneous. At first we simply wished to make a slot where you need to grow a magic tree, but then we decided to name the game “Yggdrasil”. That is the name of the magic tree, which is the axis of the Universe connecting different worlds, in the Scandinavian mythology. So we created a game about the Scandinavian mythological tree. The ideas of the second and third game were thought up by our creative department. They think over the concept details, levels, plots, animation, features, write the plan according to which artists, animators and programmers work.

What will be the use of the token?

The first function of our token is placing game bets on our platform. This is the main purpose of the FWIN tokens. Investors who buy them during the ICO will become the first players of the FairWin blockchain platform. After the ICO ends, the FWIN tokens can be bought at cryptocurrencies exchange platforms. Investors can also gain profits  selling the tokens there.

What strategic partnerships are you planning to close for the development of FairWin?

First of all we plan to cooperate with online casinos and game organizers and offer them to integrate our games and platform.

What can you tell us about the team behind the project?

Our team consists of about 15 persons. There are developers, artists, animators, creative specialists, marketing experts and a video maker. Yggdrasil is our team’s first experience of creating a slot game from scratch – from developing the concept to creating the design and animation. That is why we have to change many details and improve our work on the go. I think the development of next games will be faster after we streamline all processes. The FairWin team can boast of very talented people, so I think that all will be fine.

What are the future plans?

Irrespective of the ICO results, we will continue to be engaged in developing online casino games and a game platform on blockchain. No matter what flaws this technology has now, the future of gambling belongs to it. Only a casino on blockchain can be really fair, so when players understand it, all  online casino operators will turn to using blockchain. I think it will happen very soon.

If you can tell us something about yourself to add at the end of the interview (name, function, short bio)

I am Sergey Bolshakov, the lead developer of FairWin. I am always looking for ways to improve my software developer skills, as I wish to contribute to the constant growth and success of our organisation. I have 9 years of experience working in JavaScript, AngularJs, HTML5, WebGL behind me.

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