Sharpay, the share button with blockchain profit

Technological advancement constantly changes our lives into better, and the appearance of the Internet opened many doors with opportunities, helping us live in a more connected world. Classical business models started focusing on their online presence, with the help of websites and social media. From over one billion websites, only a small fraction of three percent have implemented a sharing button, and considering that social media adoption is at its peak, with half of the human population being present online, there is a huge opportunity that is not being used to its full potential.

What is Sharpay?

An incredible innovative and simple approach to the current online trend which is on the rise, that is right behind our noses, but nobody seemed to notice it until now, comes in the form of an unique technology protected by the Eurasian international patent priority, with a share button and a cute name: Sharpay. Websites can implement the button under any content instead of the old and rusty sharing buttons, encouraging users to share content by giving them a reward for this action. According to their White Paper, the use of blockchain technology makes the system secure, transparent and safe from fraud, bot defense with audience targeting possibility based on CPV (cost per visit) payments.

The Problem

When reading online content, most people do not find the motivation to share the content they like, and quality content is halted from spreading or becoming viral because of this. Without a reason to share with others, we often isolate ourselves in a bubble and what we discover from hours of browsing and researching only stays with us. The problem with this kind of bubbles is that when you want a new perspective or to find something new that you might like, be it a different recipe, song, a video log and the list can go on and on, it can be hard, because you get no ideas from your online connections. Another drawback that comes from a simple aspect as this is less traffic on those websites that have to pay more for advertising.

The Solution

Sharpay comes with a creative approach that can solve this problem. Websites will have the option to implement an user-friendly share button with benefits, that will motivate people to share the content they like. Sharpay intends to be the share button of the next generation by adapting to change and innovation.

A small action such as convincing people to use the share button can make a huge difference, especially because nowadays, social media adoption is bigger than ever, with people from all ages joining in, not just youngsters. Imagine how much traffic you could earn if at least half of those who use your website and like its content would share it with their connections. The impact they have on the people they know is different than the impact any ad could have. It is similar to influencer marketing, only that everybody can join in and helps your content become more well-known on the internet.

One example of Sharpay’s button

Sharpay comes as a blockchain-based social media marketing tool that offers a win-win solution to both users and website owners. With just one click, users can distribute the content they like on their social media account, thus helping that website gain more traffic and even earn new users.

For the first time, users will be rewarded in tokens for the simple task of sharing on social media, thus indirectly promoting content and breaking the bubble that has surrounded us all in the past years. When one of their followers clicks on the shared content, a higher reward is paid, thus making end users the main beneficiaries. The use of blockchain technology will offer true sharing metrics and pay fair rewards to everyone.

How does it work?

Sharpay is the first blockchain-based social media marketing tool that can help both users and websites by offering each of them what they need. When a user finds the content that he likes on a website that has replaced the usual share-buttons with the animated sharpay’s multi-sharing button, he can choose to use it and share content on a variety of platforms. During his first use, the user will automatically create a personal cabinet in sharpay. After his actions, the user will gain sharpay tokens, that he can later withdraw from his account on At a later time, he can receive notifications from sharpay, based on specific targeting, of new interesting content that he can promote for tokens.

Sharpay – How it works for users

In the case of websites, a website admin can register on sharpay and get a special code for multisharing buttons that he can install on his website for free. He can then proceed to purchase sharpay tokens, set targeting and what clicks should be stimulated with Sharpay tokens. Sharpay will then send a notification to users from the targeted audience about the new promo campaign, thus making the website gain not only organic visits, but also targeted visitors from sharpay.

Sharpay – How it works for websites

The Team

Behind Sharpay lies a strong team of experts and top advisors. The CEO, Anton Solodikov, has both practical and technical experience, thus making him fit for taking Sharpay to the moon. His experience as an IT entrepreneur, blockchain activist, inventor, author of patent and international patent applications for content promotion, and more important, former CEO at Balalike LLP UK and CMO at makes me believe that Sharpay will reach its full potential.

If you have any doubts regarding the thing that Sharpay is still in its early years, stay assured. Their team contains Igor Karavaev, the ex-executive director of Skolkovo Foundation, the leading Russian business incubators of start-ups.

Arkady Yasashny, the CFO, is an ex-top manager of the largest Russian banks, VTB, MDM, Union with a huge experience as an entrepreneur and investor in high-tech start-ups. I can imagine that a person of his weight would not be part of a random project, thus his presence as a member of the team makes me believe even more in Sharpay.


Sharpay proves once again that a simple innovation can and will make the difference. Lead by a team of experts, Sharpay has started on its way to redefine sharing on multiple-platforms by offering win-win solution to both users and websites.

Users will be motivated to share the content they like by the reward they will receive in Sharpay’s tokens, and websites will choose to promote themselves smarter, not harder, by using the network created by Sharpay in order to increase their traffic. As the ones who adapt to change faster than the others will win on the long term, I wouldn’t be surprised to see new popular websites emerging from anonymity because they were finally given the chance to stand out through the quality of the content they provide.

As always, I highly encourage you to do your own research, starting with their website: and their White Paper: 





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