Slothee, the World’s first Business Networking mobile app on Blockchain

In the past two decades, the development and mass adoption of social media enabled the masses to easily connect and share vast amounts of information. Even though the use of most social media platforms is free of charge, users are paying with their time and personal data. This enabled individuals, companies, politicians and even hackers to take advantage in unethical, immoral and manipulative marketing campaigns. Data breach is another serious threat, making all your private conversations and personal information vulnerable in front of bots and hackers.

An old quote about advertising from the 70s that is highly applicable to this context said: “if you are not paying for the product, you are the product”. The original quote was said in the context of television being used to brainwash its consumers to buy certain food, beverages, cars, clothes and so on, just as social media evolved to do the same things in modern days, but to a wider and extremely intrusive way into our private lives.

In the 70s, you could always turn off your television and peacefully go on with your life. However, things are slightly different in modern days, because, just as they say: “if you are not on social media, you don’t exist”.

What is Slothee?

In this socioeconomic context, a modern business networking platform, called Slothee, aims to connect people with like-minded, insightful business professionals across all fields, therefore becoming the world’s first business networking mobile app on the blockchain.

The Problem

The main problem with existing social media is the lack of privacy and data protection for its users. Even though governments issue strict laws to protect its citizens, in the era of globalization, these data monopolistic companies become too powerful to even influence an election, thus becoming bigger than the Government itself. Aside from this, your private conversations with your friends and family can now be taken out of context by a third party and used against you during a court trial. That personal photo you send to your lover can now be hacked and exposed all over the internet in a matter of seconds. And your religious and politics beliefs can cause you to lose your job or be bullied by strangers because you express them on a comment on a random page that is advertised to you. This absurdity of not doing anything illegal and yet having your freedom taken away by third parties is one of the biggest problem that modern world has to face. Where is our freedom, if we are not able to freely express our ideas and beliefs, joke around or enjoy the features provided to us by modern technology without having to worry about serious future consequences?

The Solution

Slothee aims to provide a relevant working solution to the problem of data privacy and make the communication P2P by using the Ethereum Whisper technology. By doing this, your private conversations will remain, as they should have always been, private, without a third party eavesdropping and private data breach. The features provided by Slothee are ideal for any business and marketing professional, making it an all in one app for business networking. The app is directed to be used by Entrepreneurs, Networking professionals, Event Managers, Freelancers, Sales & Marketing Team of every organization across the world.

Key Features

Slothee provides 3 key features: Café, Billboard and Private Lobby. Slothee Café enables its users to connect with numerous people at a gathering. It displays the location and information of the Slothee users in a 300 meter proximity, thus allowing you to instantly connect, do business and transform every meeting into a networking goldmine.

slothee ecosystem
The Slothee Ecosystem

Billboard makes it easier to advertise good things that happen at your office or business, without having to worry about “judgmental metrics” such as “likes” counter or number of comments, therefore replacing the popularity game with a fair chance for everyone to provide quality, not quantity.

slothee competitive advantage

Last but not least is the Private Lobby, which is probably the core feature of the Slothee project. Considering the numerous increase in the number of complaints against privacy breach, data theft and user tracking since the beginning of social media, Slothee has employed a technology stack similar to WhatsApp, where data that is sent will be erased from its server within a stipulated time after the data is delivered to the respective/intended receiver. According to their Whitepaper, Private Lobby is built on Ethereum’s Whisper Protocol Version 6, thus enabling messaging between users via the same network that the blockchain runs on.

Revenue Streams

It is important to take into account the revenue streams that will ensure the projects sustainability and development on the long run. Slothee is built on top of the Ethereum platform using ERC-2o technology which is public, easy to use and one of the biggest widespread platforms in the world. This will ensure data protection and reduced costs.

An average Slothee user can increase his networking for free and do business for free. To access detailed statistics on his posts, he will need to upgrade his account to premium business.

slothee revenue streams

Another revenue stream will come from the commission earned through cryptopay deals happening on the Slothee platform. The intuitive user interface will enable an average user to easily close a deal and sell or buy using major existing cryptocurrencies.

The Team

Behind Slothee is a team of 16 professionals in the field of Technology, Blockchain, Design, Financial, Legal and Public Relation that are constantly working to successfully implement their project.

The founder, Praveen Kallipatti, is an Engineer who started off as a full stack developer and designer. He currently has a deep expertise in building products and solutions. He has previously turned ideas into reality and a good example is the EdisonPlan, a company that provides entrepreneurs with framework to identify the market, build products and take them to the market.


In conclusion, Slothee seems to be a solid project with tremendous future perspectives, backed by a dedicated team of professionals that has managed to launch a working MVP, available for download in Google Play and App Store.

For more details about this promising project, make sure to visit their website: and read their WhitePaper.




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