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The Internet has turned our existence upside down. It has revolutionized communications, to the extent that it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. In almost everything we do, we use the Internet, marking it a new stage in human development. No one would have ever imagined that businesses could be performed across the globe through a computer, but the internet has made it possible. The blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the most significant inventions, along with the computer and the Internet – is a breakthrough with very large-scale consequences that affects not only the sphere of finance, but also many other industries. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are an irreversible advancement that is disrupting established industries and the ways in which we interact financially.With the increasing influence of electronic money in the world economy, and after having studied the mechanisms of emergence and functioning of cryptocurrencies in details, it can be stated that the future belongs to cryptocurrencies.

Meet Sonder

Sonder is a blockchain-based billing system that can easily be connected to an online store or a website. The project was developed to overcome the main obstacles on the way tothe full integration of blockchain-technologies into e-commerce market. According to their white paper, it is a system designed for adjustment financial contacts between people in the confidential and safe mode, ensuring the anonymity of using blockchain, fast and secure transactions between different blockchains.

 The problem

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the two keys to a more advanced, democratic and independent society.

Blockchain technology has become a force that is giving rise to new, decentralized structures that will shape future societies, economies and each of us individually.The problem is that it is still difficult for ordinary buyers to acquire cryptocurrency and for sellers to connect and configure their own online stores to blockchain. Also many people are worried by lack of security of cryptocurrency payments due to the lack of transparency.

Another important aspect that needs improvement is the process of acquisition of various cryptocurrencies. People are forced to pay huge fees for converting fiat money, take risks using suspicious exchange instruments looking for ways to reduce charges.

 The solution

Sonder comes with a number of technical decisions for solving each of these problems, providing obfuscation of addresses, hidden balances status, SDK and API for e-commerce, high transactions speed and close to zero fees, making cryptocurrencies the most efficient payment means.Sonder wants to become the most simplified system of payments for services and goods using cryptocurrency. The connection of the cryptocurrency wallet to online-stores will be realized in one click, and will also provide maximal convenience of deposits and withdrawals of fiat money through its site (P2P service), everything being possible very fast due to a high speed of forming blocks, the consensus between the masternodes, reasonable emission schedule and the system-friendly rates.

Sonderalsohelps to escape troubles with spending a lot of time to connect to different payment systems and the package of API and SDK tools will save the users from writing down hundreds of lines of codes and algorithms integrating project into their sites.

The security will be one of the most important advantages provided by Sonder. The functions of the Sonder wallet will be truly unprecedented in terms of security, privacy and ease of use. It will be based on the latest developments in biometrics, including voice recognition.The wallet will support all types of blockchains, and accordingly will give the opportunity to store any coins. Sonderalso ensures the real anonymity of payments.


Sonder Ico

Sonder is a system designed for adjustment financial contacts between people in the confidential and safe mode, ensuring the anonymity of using blockchain, fast and secure transactions between different blockchains.

The token

The token name will be Sonder (SNR).It will be used as fuel for Sonder Network and guarantee system functioning. The majority of services within the framework of the platform will work using Sonder tokens. The total supply is 240.000.000 SNR. The soft cap of $ 4M was successfully raised. The hard cap is $ 6M.

1 SNR=0,00007 ETH.

 The team

Behind the Sonder project we can find a very strong, determined and experienced team. The Co-Founder and advisor Kenjiro Tamaki is the General Manager at Armor Japan KK, and also the founder of Japan Lithuania Exchange Centre. JokubasDrazdas is also a Co-Founder and the CEO, with many years of experience, including being a financial controller at The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania. They work with experienced international experts in different fields: blockchain analysts, cyber security advisors, investments advisors, business development experts, and other well prepared and motivated specialists from Japan, China, Lithuania and Germany.


Sonder’s goal is to bring the blockchain closer to people, make use of its infrastructure as simple and clear as possible, to create the most comfortable conditions for using cryptocurrencies for the Internet business. The full integration of blockchain-technologies into e-commerce market was never closer than now, with Sonder, because they took care and found effective solutions for the missing parts of this innovative puzzle represented by the blockchain technology.

If you want to explore deeper this opportunity and find further information about Sonder, you can access their website and read the project’s white paper.





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