Special Treasure Hunt for GoalTycoon Users

GoalTycoonWe are delighted to announce that we are the official sponsors of the online football manager web based game, GoalTycoon! To celebrate this, we have prepared a special surprise for you: each day during the following month, you can win 100k Goaltycoon GT, that will be charged in your GoalTycoon account. All you need to do is to search for the special code, hidden in one of the articles on our website, and fill in the special form once you find it. Each day, the code will be moved to another article.

Starting with 19.06.2018, the drawing will be done daily, until then you can search for the prize and the form to participate in the promotion.

During this Special Treasure Hunt, the winners for the past day will be announced on our Facebook page in a live broadcast, and they will be chosen with the help of random.org. Every user can sign up once a day, but he can sign up again in the following day.

After announcing the winners for the day, the campaign for the next day will start.

Good luck and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook page for more details!

[UPDATE] Our “Special Treasure Hunt” is over. You can see the last live streaming of the drawing on our Facebook page: 





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