Swachhcoin – Decentralising Waste Management

swachcoinAs the population of the world expands, so does the amount of waste produced. Generally, the more automated and industrialized human societies become, the more waste they produce. For example, the industrial revolution introduced new manufactured products and new manufacturing processes that added to household solid waste and industrial waste. Modern consumerism and the excess packaging of many products also contribute significantly to the increasing amount of waste. In less industrialized times and even today in many developing countries, households and industries disposed of unwanted materials in bodies of water or in land dumps. However, this practice creates undesirable effects such as health hazards and foul odors. Families and communities can help reduce household waste by making some simple lifestyle changes.


Swachhcoin is a unique blockchain-powered attempt at micromanaging wastes from households and industries and efficiently converting them into useful products. These products, at the end of the process, will be of higher economic value. Swachh Ecosystem is essentially a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), governed autonomously on the basis of pre defined instructions in the form of smart contract.


The problems related to global waste management are uncountable: production of too much waste, most of the waste is toxic, most landfills lack proper on-site waste management thereby contributing to additional threats to the environment, regulations are based on vested interests, reliance of dying technologies to reduce and recycle waste, Some of the technologies marked as “green” are not true in actual sense, and many other problems. The world’s garbage crisis is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming decades as people become richer and increasingly move to urban areas. By 2025, according to a World Bank study, the waste produced by cities around the globe will be enough to fill a line of rubbish trucks 3,100 miles long every day. Be it used plastic bags, broken glass, obsolete cell phone, or used battery cells, they are all used products that require appropriate disposal to limit their harm to the environment. Waste disposal is therefore a systematic action for managing waste from its origin to its final disposal. It includes incineration/burning, burial at landfill sites or discharge at sea/lake/river, and recycling.


Swachhcoin Foundation is a non profit organization whose primary objective is to work extensively to overhaul the waste management sector by acting as a complete technology developer and service provider in this domain. Swachhcoin will make the existing waste management industries as efficient and capable as possible so that they become technologically and otherwise able to tackle the imminent waste management crisis the world faces at this very moment. Apart from working with industries, Swachhcoin will develop an ecosystem where individuals on a mass level are made aware of the possibilities of waste around them so that they understand their roles and responsibility and act accordingly.

Swachhcoin aims to create a global, decentralised waste management ecosystem majorly comprising of industries and domestic households. Creation of such a network will enable deployment of an extensive infrastructure which will provide the necessary impetus for proper waste management. The global waste management problem we face cannot be tackled by a handful of people or organisations. The willingness and contribution of mass population is the key in successfully achieving the objective.  The best way to encourage people to properly manage their wastes will be to incentivize them monetarily for proper waste disposal and raise their awareness about the issue. This is the core of the proposed solution Swachhcoin offers.


The platform offered by Swachhcoin is unique in many ways. Currently there are other waste management platform but none of them are as broad and as technically advanced as Swachhcoin. Some of the features which makes them unique are:

– users are given monetary incentive to manage their waste ,whereas, traditionally people used to pay for their waste to be collected from their homes;

– the range of outputs produced after processing the waste are over Twenty;

– leveraging not one, but four most advanced technologies i.e. AI, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain;

– freedom to sell and buy produced output in both Fiat and Tokens;

– apart from profit making business model, this platform has integrated autonomous philanthropy mechanism.

The above mentioned key features makes this platform better than any other available, and years of research, correct partnerships and development gives them edge over any developing platform in this domain.


Swachhcoin project is undertaking ICO – Phase 1 from 15th until 28th of August. Swachh Tokens – called Swachhcoins – will provide the owner many benefits, like but not limited to buying outputs of SwachhCoin Organisation. Additionally Swachh Tokens can also be used as payment method. Swachh Tokens are 100% utility tokens and will remain that way.

The total number of Swachhcoin tokens is 400 millions, of which 69% are available in crowdsale. The development funds will be kept in a multisig wallet. Any and every unallocated/unused tokens left after the token sale will be burned.

The hard cap for the token sale will be 18 Million USD. The soft cap for the token sale will be 5 Million USD. In case the project does not reach the soft cap, board meeting will be organised to discuss if the project can be launched with the raised amount. If the raised amount is not enough to launch the project, all the contributions will be returned to the investors within a period of 7 days after the end of token sale. 


Aditya Kumar is the founder and CEO of Swachhcoin. He works with a team of international experts in various field.


Swachhcoin is an effort to align Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things with Blockchain technology so that anyone and everyone can contribute and tackle the biggest challenge that we are facing around the globe. Swachhcoin’s will is to create a truly sustainable, clean community development around the world while improving the economic conditions of all individuals professionally associated with the industry in any capacity along with the domestic households. For further information about this project, you can access their website, and read the project’s whitepaper.




  1. The waste from all over the globe is ridiculous higher than it ever used to be…I am glad that blockchain projects pay attention to this!!


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