Terra United With Nexo To Promote Crypto-Loans And Savings In The Asian Market

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Description: Terra and Nexo are going to offer crypto lending services in the Asian market. Quite recently, Terra has partnered with Nexo to promote loans and savings throughout the Asian market, nominated in a stable Terra coin. Thus, these two crypto companies are aiming to work in partnership to reduce banking operations with crypto money in the Asian-markets.

What The Terra Project Is

There are two types of tokens in the Terra protocol: Terra and Luna. The maximum supply of Luna tokens is limited to 1 billion, these coins will serve as a means of ensuring the stability of the Terra cryptocurrency rate. Terra tokens will be generated at the request of the company’s customers and function as a means of payment.

Terra project is based on Terra cryptocurrency with a stable price, the task of which is to introduce a new level of payment systems in the blockchain. Terra’s goal is to enable both sellers and buyers to win from low-cost transactions using blockchain technology. They achieve this by collaborating with various companies to reduce the blank between the crypto digital market and the real financial world.

The ultimate goal of the Terra project is to create a beneficial platform for financial applications for the growth of blockchain’s GDP.

About Nexo

Nexo is the only crypto money solution that offers crypto-credit services worldwide. This is a unique organization offering crypto banking solutions in more than 45 national currencies and in more than 200 jurisdictions. Thanks to Nexo, customers get access to cash instantly, and at the same time, they can own the digital assets they have. With Nexo, they can even play in the best online casinos with real cash or crypto coins.

At the moment, Nexo has conducted transactions worth more than $ 500 million, serving more than 200,000 customers, and this figure continues to grow every day. All Nexo funds are protected by BitGo, a well-known keeper, who has passed a crypto check and are insured through Lloyd’s of London. In addition, Credissimo, the leading European group FinTech, supports Nexo global operations.

Collaboration Of Terra And Nexo In The Asian Market

The partnership between Terra and Nexo aims to make stable Terra coin the only guarantee for Nexo’s instant crypto loans and to provide trustworthy crypto saving services in the Asian market.

Terra and Nexo’s deal is focused on expanding the crypto-credit and savings in the Asian market. Why they made the choice in favor of Asia? What are the Asian stock markets doing today? According to the Asian charts, it is evident that the Asian market needs more reliable, fast and effective lending programs. In the Asian market, more than 1 billion people do not have access to standard banking services. So Terra and Nexo will become the only option for them thanks to their instant programs of crypto savings and loans.

The managing director of Nexo explained that the company is pleased to add Terra to the increasing list of stable coins offered on its platform. Thanks to its unequaled seigniorage model and an impressive e-commerce union, Terra will be the most widespread, used and sold stable coin in Asian today and beyond.

What is the future of this collaboration? Will it bring positive results not only to the companies but to the Asian market in general?


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