The Aclyd Project, a Blockchain based payment processing platform and ID verification/security system

aclyd projectThe largest segment of the wine and spirits industry is the delivery of alcohol to its customers. However, the process is not fast or transparent and its costs are big. This is where Aclyd comes in, by bringing alcoholic beverages from the fields to your doorstep using a modern and secure blockchain payment system.

What is The Aclyd Project?

The Aclyd Project is a peer-to-peer solution for payment, transaction and trade for alcoholic beverages by using the token ACLYD and smart contract system built on Ethereum blockchain. Aclyd provides a Blockchain based identity verification and security system & payment-processing platform initially focused on the wholesale beverages market which is currently worth $26 billion.

The Problem

There are multiple common problems that can be found in this industry. First, minors are not allowed to purchase alcohol and online delivery services must ensure they don’t sell their products to underage people.

The second problem is the expensive processing and long payment delays and sluggish inventory management that is a huge drawback for this industry. In the case of importers, there is also the expensive currency conversion issue.

The third problem consists in the lack of pricing information and failure to use forward contracts leads to costly supply chain distributions disruptions in tequila and craft beer, both of which disproportionately affects small producers and independent farmers.

The Solution

Aclyd comes with multiple solutions to these problems. The platform offers independent farmers and producers the ability to form smart contracts for the future delivery of products, empowering them with pricing information and the ability to make more informed planting decisions.

The Wallet

Aclyd provides a digital wallet and dAPP that will optimize consumer targeting by giving companies the tools they need to restrict “minors” access. By doing this, they will ensure that their clients have the legal drinking age.

Smart Contract

The decentralized dAPP will allow independent farmers and producers to use their mobile devices to create smart contracts and receive payment for goods and services, cutting payment times and costs and allowing transparency in pricing to better manage supply chains.

The Token

The Aclyd token enables fast, secure and transparent international transactions. The value of the token is not influenced by currency conversions and will greatly reduce costs and it will also eliminate payment processing delays. The ACLYD token is ERC 20, running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The Aclyd Project is currently undergoing ICO and it just hit its soft cap. You can be a part of this promising project from its early stages by purchasing their tokens with a discount price. You can find more information about this on their website

You can also try out their MVP, whih is in partnership with Fuego Fino INC, a fully licensed US importer and wholesaler with sales in the Arizona market.

The Team

As you have probably seen our video interview, their CEO is Jessica Contreras. She is a public speaker, published author and entrepreneur with experience in the alcoholic beverages industry. She is able of making better alcoholic beverages with skills passed down from her grandmother and she has more efficient means of distributing them directly to the consumer in the targeted market of wine and spirits. Her experience and determination make her the better fit for bringing this amazing project to its full potential.


In conclusion, the Aclyd Project has tremendous potential. Its CEO is a person well established in this industry, with a modern vision that can bring the entire alcoholic beverages industry to a whole new level with the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology. This promising project is currently undertaking ICO and I highly recommend you to perform your own research before taking any investment decision, starting with their White Paper and website




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