The Central Bank of Russia makes suggestions for the crypto regulating bill

moscow russiaIn Russia, things are starting to move towards regulating the crypto market. Investors that purchase crypto assets and are considered unqualified by the Central Bank of Russia will face an annual limit. The Russian parliament also reviews a bill on crowdfunding and if they consider the requests made by the central bank, unqualified investors will be able to purchase crypto assets that were issued within the country. Aside from this, investors will be able to buy or sell such tokens without intermediaries.

What is an unqualified investor for The Central Bank of Russia?

An unqualified investor is someone who has less than at least one year of investment experience. Aside from this, if one wishes to become qualified, he will need to obtain a qualification certificate and meet the minimum individual investment time requirements or have at least two years of work experience in a company that is considered a qualified investor by the state.

Deadline for crypto regulations

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has previously set a deadline for its government to adopt crypto regulations. According to russian officials, the crypto bill is currently entering its final stages before being put into law. The chairman of the financial committee expects that the bill will be adopted by the end of March.




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