The CoVEX Exchange — Easy way to Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency has long been hailed for the range of opportunities that it offers in the field of trading. However, it is not always a very pleasant experience when it comes to trading cryptocurrency.

The whole cryptocurrency market is very volatile. Hence, users need to be extra careful and should analyze the market state thoroughly before placing any trades. One wrong trade can spell disaster to a trader’s portfolio. But why does this happen?

This is large because none of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges are beginner-friendly. Thus, most of the new people who enter the crypto trading market, end up losing a large portion of their investment. Additionally, no existing cryptocurrency trading exchange offers all the features such as margin trading, loans, and p2p trading. In order to solve these problems, CoVex has come up with its very own all-in-one crypto exchange.

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CoVEX Platform:

The CoVEX platform consists of 6 components which includes:

● CoVEX spot trading: A regular crypto exchange designed carefully to eradicate downtimes.

● CoVEX Social Trading: A new concept where you can copy the portfolio of some highly reputed traders and follow each of their transactions as well.

● CoVEX Margin Trading: Designed specifically for more advanced traders.

● CoVEX P2P Loan: Provides a convenient platform to receive and provide loans.

● CoVEX Payment Gateway: Provides the much needed payment processor to process any crypto transactions at any merchant.

● CoVEX Prepaid Card: Gives the users the power to use cryptocurrency to pay at any merchant store.


CoVEX exchange is a one-stop platform for all the services one might expect from a crypto exchange. The whole platform has a simple and easy to use GUI which facilitates hassle free trading experience. The exchange provides wallet support to a wide range of cryptocurrencies while maintaining the current industry standards for security.

This platform is a boon to all the new people who got into cryptocurrency recently. The social trading feature of the platform allows any user to follow some of the most successful traders on the platform. Users can copy each and every transaction performed by the experienced trader.

Users only need to deposit their funds and the rest of the work is done by the platform itself. The user’s funds are spread across all the coins present in the portfolio of the experienced user.

Additionally, whenever the experienced trader does a transaction, the same transaction takes place using your account as well. Thus, the odds of you placing a bad order reduce drastically.

The exchange employs AI and ML technology to predict the market trends, even warning its users in advance about a downtrend. Thus, this prevents the users from experiencing a loss.

CoVEX ecosystem is supported by the CoVEX tokens. CoVEX tokens that run on the Ethereum blockchain, ERC223. Each CoVEX tokens are used to pay the transaction fee that arises out of each and every transaction. They are also used to gain access to privileged features such as social trading, etc. Hence, it is a very essential component of the whole platform.

The CoVEX tokens also provide a plethora of benefits to the users. Every transaction or trade on the CoVEX spot exchange platform costs the user a specific transaction fee. As the amount of cryptocurrency increases, this fee also increases. Users can get a 50% discount on this fee if they choose to use CoVEX tokens instead. Additionally, some of the profits gained by the CoVEX platform are also shared amongst its active users in the form of CoVEX tokens. And above all that, every single ICO participant will receive 20% extra referral fee for each successful referral.

With such great features under a single roof, why wouldn’t anyone consider joining this amazing platform? This is the only exchange to use AI and ML techniques to provide the best results to its users. Thus, it aims to maximize the profits of its users.


CoVEX is a very ambitious project aimed at the betterment of the current crypto trading market. By helping every one of its users maximize their profits, it surely will attract a large flock of users. The demand to get on this platform is going to skyrocket after its release. So, it’s best to stay ahead of the curb by participating in their ICO event.




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