The Rise of Careers in Blockchain and What You Should Know

office work careerIn this fast changing time, technologies such as Blockchain have completely changed the face of the tech industry. There is a high demand for people with the skill set of this emerging technology.

According to the Upwork report, the growth of Blockchain technology has raised to 2000% for the three consecutive quarters. Companies and big startups are looking for people with the skills and experience of Blockchain technology.

With this rapid emergence of these technologies, Blockchain has received endorsements from the global leaders of the tech industry, and the rising entrepreneurs.  There is a high scope of Blockchain jobs and careers in the present day world and future.

This article highlights the career dynamics in blockchain technology and how what you should know about this.

Diverse Career Option in Blockchain

job work careerBlockchain, which was first developed to account for Bitcoin, is one of the most emerging technologies today. It is a new job career path which is as innovative and experimental as the technology itself.

There are diverse career options in the blockchain tech field one could opt for. Here are the top Blockchain Jobs and Careers you should know about.

1. Blockchain Developer 

The boom in the blockchain has led to the high demand for the role of Blockchain developer. The people with the skill set of blockchain developing programming can make handsome money both as a freelancer or full-time employee of any company.

Proficiency in mathematics and algorithms, C++, Java, HTML, and Github are important for this role. The technical role skills requirements include Solidity, Go language, AJAX, SQL, XML, JQuery which is very useful for executing an agreement called smart contracts. They have the expertise to help the companies and the startups to develop blockchain platforms.

2. Entry level Blockchain jobs

For the people who have just stepped in this industry, there are ample of entry-level blockchain jobs. People with skills in HTML, Solidity, Java, Truffle, Go Restful, NodeJS, and C++ have high chances of getting a good job in this industry.

The companies are in the phase of distributed ledger technology (DLT.), so these positions require developing pilots. The pay of the entry level blockchain jobs is expected to be 15 to 30 USD per hour, which is not as high as of other blockchain professionals, but quite good for starting out.

3. Blockchain Quality Engineer

The responsibilities of Blockchain Quality engineer is to test and ensure the quality of the areas in the blockchain environment. They have the specialty of testing and automation in different frameworks for blockchain.

The block quality engineers develop quality standards and also devise strategies for the testing of load performance. To apply for this role, a candidate with an engineering degree should be well-versed with the basics of environment and testing standards.

4. Blockchain Product Manager

Project Manager is the one who is responsible for the success and the failure of any project. They are the intermediary between the business professionals and the blockchain developers.

The job of the Blockchain project manager is to handle all the business needs. He will be the person who connects a tech person with the non-tech one. So, he must have strong managerial skills. The person applying for this job role should be capable of converting technical terms into simple language and should have strong communication skills with the complete knowledge of the blockchain industry.

5. Blockchain Web Designer

The blockchain is now expanding to a variety of industries. Many businesses are turning towards blockchain for the payment process, so there is a high need for customer-centric websites to let the customers know about what the businesses offer and how they can get benefited with their services.

For a career as Blockchain designer, one should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java and various designing tools like Sketch, Illustrator, PS, Figma etc. These websites should work on both desktop and mobile web applications.

6. Blockchain Legal Consultant

The blockchain is a new industry, so there are many legal challenges involved in the business. This means there are great career options for legal consultants. They advise people on how to put money in initial coin offering, how to build legal partnerships and contracts and much more.

A person applying for this job role should have complete knowledge of blockchain technology and a law degree to make understand the business owners about the legal terms.

7. The rise of Freelance and Middle Management Jobs

Large companies are planning to boost their middle management as they focus on Big Data, blockchain technologies.

Blockchain technology is the hottest skill in the freelancing world today. It has been growing more than 6000% from the last year and will continue to emerge according to the Upwork report.

A blockchain freelancer earns an average rate of $65 per hour which can be as high as $250 per hour.

Blockchain Technology Skills You Should Know About

The skills required for making a career in the Blockchain industry differs as per the job title. Some of the common skills set for the blockchain market which you must know are:

  • Knowledge of Computer Science background

A computer science degree or similar qualification with the technical environment is the important requisite for the blockchain market. This will help you in better understanding and work in the world of technologies.

  • Basics of Blockchain Technology

If you want to make a career in the blockchain world, then you should have comprehensive knowledge of the basics of blockchain programming along with smart contracts, cryptocurrency etc.

  • Knowledge of Data structure and cryptography

As security is the primary concern of the booming blockchain industry, so, you must know about the basics of the data structure and data security.

  • Expertise in C++, Solidity and various programming languages

You must be proficient in writing and understanding of the coding in the blockchain development environment. You should have knowledge of C++, Solidity and various programming languages.

From education to real estate and supply chain to healthcare, the blockchain is used in all the spheres. When skilled people join these industries, the power and true potential of the technology gets amplified.

If you have the skills then what to wait for. Step into the arena of the blockchain industry and enjoy a bright future.

Aarif Habeeb is a content writer and an SEO expert in Jaipur. He is a Founder of SEOTrainingClasses – provide SEO Training in Jaipur.  He is responsible for brand-building via content and social media for his agency. His success lies within his originality and hands on experience in editing and writing. Aarif lives in Jaipur and loves his early morning filter coffee, dessert gazing and reading newspapers. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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