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Top Five Tips for those who are Starting an ICO

cryptocurrency exchangeICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a crowdfunding system used by new cryptocurrency organizations to raise capitals. In ICO, a greater percentage of the newly issued cryptocurrencies is sold to people who have an interest in supporting the project. They are traded to exchange for other established cryptocurrencies, for instance, Bitcoin, Ether, and Fiat.

Backers procure the new cryptocurrency with an objective to make a profit when there is an increase in value. It is comparable to the principle of individuals making a profit when the share they bought at the stock market increases in value. ICO varies from purchasing shares at a stock market because you don’t get a share of the ownership right when you invest in the new tokens.

Initial Coin Offering has proven to be a revolutionized means for many projects and companies to raise money. ICO can be said as the merge of conventional methods and advanced techniques. The key thing to put into consideration here is that investors investing in the ICO will be 100% free of risk due to the type of technology used.

Some of the ICO funds have been collected through BTC (Bitcoins) or ETH (Ether). While performing the ICO, the project provides a BTC or ETH address for receiving funds and then, displays it on the particular web page. The system is the same as opening a bank account, and then showcasing it on a web page to people so that they may send money.

ICO is a way to collect crowdfunding via different cryptocurrencies (fiat currencies in some cases) and is functioned by cryptocurrency organizations to acquire the capital funds required to execute the project. In a private blockchain, a specific part of the recently issued cryptocurrency is being traded to investors in exchange for any legalized tender or any other cryptocurrency. It can equally be said as crowd sale or token sale that involves taking investment amount from investors and giving them some features associated with the project to be launched.

1.     How ICOs fundraising works

A company that wants to raise capitals through ICO must be able to provide a few details including project purpose, project description, the amount required to be raised, the percentage of tokens the company will keep, the types of virtual currencies accepted, and the timeframe of the ICO campaign. Backers who have interests can email the seller and demand for more details of the project before performing any transaction. If they successfully raise the capital for the campaign, they will carry out the method to complete the project. If not, they will return the money to the backers.

For one to begin a successful, it’s very necessary to have a general idea of an ICO so that you align which conveys you closer to your money-making dream. Consider the following significant ideas which you must adhere to before launching an ICO.

2.     Is ICO Campaign suitable for every Business Niche?

ICO campaigns could be very successful for some business or fruitless for some. Most of the beginners assume that ICO is an enormous means to acquire financial support for any project. It is a great way of raising funds speedily and also avoiding the expensive procedure of registering an ICO with the authoritarian agencies. To have a successful cryptocurrency project, the most important necessity is generating value for the investors and users. Transparency and authenticity are the strongest pillars of the ICO and cryptocurrency arena. You ought to make sure that you are not breaching any laws each step of the way when dealing with another person’s money. So, for this to be ensured, it is greatly recommended to employ the services of a lawyer when organizing an ICO project and campaign. Altering the law gives a room where you lose the people’s expectations. That’s why to update participants on the growth of your project is very sensible and necessary. Again, consistent interaction with the contributors is another crucial thing you can do for the e-campaign.

3.     What you should emphasize on before starting an ICO

When preparing for ICO campaigns, you have to ensure it shows the goal interests, protection of investors and topics which suit the audience’s interests. The entrepreneur has to be determined and should equally make his thoughts and long-term objectives known to the audience before successfully launching the ICO. An excellent vision is involved when preparing for an ICO, so it’s essential for you to have in mind how you can reform the both now and future economy through the project’s cryptocurrency. Giving a positive trading experience that maximizes the trader’s profit is essential to align the short-term goals.

4.     Influence the team in an ICO Campaign

From an investor’s viewpoint, working with a qualified team on the project is one of the most vital factors when you are launching an ICO. Have a list of all the core team members with their faces and their profiles on social media, so that any valuable contributor can see the brains following the project. At the same time, you may search for experts in the industry and get them hired as project advisors.

5.     The important features of ICO

For one to begin an ICO, you have to put into consideration that good timing and communication/interaction are the necessary features. It could be thrilling to start your Crowdsale campaign immediately. In most cases, there are restrictions of ICOs in time, so accurate timing plays a significant role. The most significant things to face are the goals, the investor’s terms, and the team. Public relation officer (PRO) is another important feature of the Crowdsale campaign. Ensure to stay on communication terms with your audience both before and all through the ICO campaign.

In Conclusion.

ICO has helped lots of startups to raise the funds they need for their projects. With ICO, beginners can raise a large amount of money easily within a short timeframe of just a few seconds or minutes. Entrepreneurs will continue to take advantage of ICO to raise capitals until it comes under government regulation.

There have been many successful transactions thus far. The ICOs are an innovative tool within our digital era. However, it is important for investors to take precaution since there are so many campaigns that can turn fraudulent. This is because they are highly unregulated. Financial authorities don’t take part in this, and if you encounter funds loss through such initiatives, it is challenging to follow up to get compensation.




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