[VIDEO] Redefining the loyalty industry with the Rewards Token (RWRD)

Hello everyone! This is Maura, the Last Black Unicorn from Coin Info News! Today, I will explore Rewards, a completely different kind of project.
A dedicated and motivated team has accepted the task to innovate a two hundred year old industry that we all know too well. Consumers are overwhelmed by countless royalty programs, but none of them truly touch its full potential. Starting right from the beginnings, Rewards.com will reward loyal customers using a high-tech version of a copper token, built on top of the blockchain technology.
Rewards.com is a global marketplace that brings together over 100 million of products and 7 000 merchants, including restaurants, travel, entertainment and retail. With the use of the blockchain technology, customers will have the chance to earn and redeem RWRD tokens that can be used in multiple ways. With its unique approach, Rewards.com will completely redefine the loyalty industry.




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