What happens to the Crypto market in 2018?

In 2017, many ICOs launched into the market, and many people invested into crypto, which led to a spectacular rise of many coins. Usually, in January, all coins decrease in value, because the market is falling. If we look on the graphics from the past years, we can follow Bitcoin’s evolution and see that each month, there is a correction.

And speaking of it, Bitcoin is considered the reference coin for many coins, and it is also considered a refuge coin, alongside Ethereum. The crypto market is influenced by news, and considering that in 2017, there was an incredible evolution in crypto, and many coins got to the moon with a their value increasing from 30 to 50 times, having many people consider crypto a legit and profitable investment opportunity.

Taking into account that all games are made on the macro level and people have a tendency to panic over news and political influence, with a few fake news, it is extremely easy to manipulate the masses of people. Some people started to sell their crypto because of rumours, while others for profit. Some want to buy at a low price cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, and the only way they can do this is when the price is down. In 2017, the price of BTC reached $20 000, and for some people (myself included) it was a true reason of frustration that they didn’t bought it when its price was lower. Even now, there is a crucial moment to buy, because this is one of the last moments when you can buy a huge amount of cryptocurrencies before the regulation of the crypto market.

Japan was the first country who legalized cryptocurrencies, and this is all what 2018 is about. There will probably be a selection of coins, and the only ones that will stand up are those that have solid projects behind them. The new legislation will be used to put an end to scammers and fake projects, and investors will be able to invest in solid projects, that deserve their money.

In the past, those who invested in an ICO used to keep the coin for another 1 or 2 years, to get a higher profit. Now, those who invest in an ICO sell it right after it is listed on an exchange, because they get them through a private pool, or at a discount during the private sale or pre-sale phase, and they choose the immediate profit over the long term one.

In 2018, after G20, the meeting that will take place tomorrow about global economy, the problem of regulating the crypto market will be brought to discussion, and measures will be taken in this direction. Lots of rumors and panic will be created upon this, but there is no need for any of them, because later, people can feel sorry they panicked and sold some coins for little money, and they lost the opportunity of selling them after moon.




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