Will Cryptocurrency Survive?

cryptocurrency bitcoin tradingIf you’ve been following cryptocurrency news over the past year or so, you will already know that things have been a little shaky for Bitcoin.  While the cryptocurrency market has been hit by Bitcoin’s rise and fall, there are plenty of leading names which are still holding their own in 2019.  Cryptocurrency is no longer a niche interest. It is a viable industry, and with more and more options to invest in, there’s little reason why we should be worrying about a global wipeout just yet. 

Cryptocurrencies in 2029?

A recent survey published by bitFlyer Europe suggests that investors are still very much in favour of crypto surviving the next decade.  While cryptocurrency prices may rise and fall, there seems to be a good majority for the survival of alternative currency.  While cryptocurrency charts may suggest things could get a little unpredictable, there’s never been a better time to start looking at the wider market. 

The data published by bitFlyer, which surveyed 10,000 people across Europe, states that up to 63% of people believe digital currency has the power to withstand market strains for another ten years.  That means, all being well, we could still be trading in the likes of Ethereum and Ripple by 2029. It is great news that such optimism is still rife, especially when billions of dollars have been shed over the past few years. 

Which Currencies Could Survive?

Bitcoin, of course, is the cryptocurrency on everyone’s lips.  It helped to popularise the cryptocurrency markets and led to both the boom and the fall in recent years.  It’s being suggested that Bitcoin will probably still be around in ten years, but that a new leading currency may well take its place. 

Sources such as Forbes suggest that Bitcoin may well be one of the last currencies standing in the years to come.  This is as a result of there being concerns over whether or not alternatives will be outlawed.  There is still very much a grey area with some elements of cryptocurrency which, in the years to come, will hopefully be given more clarity. 

Crypto such as Ethereum and Litecoin are reportedly ready to weather future market storms.  Whether this means we can anticipate a further cryptocurrency crash, or if they will rise up as the descendants of Bitcoin, will remain to be seen.  Cryptocurrency markets right now are on tenterhooks, even moving into the middle of 2019, though the overall feeling is positive. 

Keep Trading

There is every reason to have faith in cryptocurrency prices.  Industry experts and investors are keen to see Bitcoin and others survive the next decade.  And why shouldn’t they? Markets boom and crash all the time – it is simply a case of being shrewd about your own investments. 

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