Wortheum, the first DPoS based News Platform

wortheumIn the past decade, the journalism industry has been corrupted by individuals, companies and entities that have gone big extents to build an image, destroy reputation of others and manipulate the opinion of the masses. With the rise of the propaganda and fake news, it has become harder for people to choose which source of information they can trust, leading an entire industry under the cloud of ambiguity.

What is Wortheum?

In this context, Wortheum has developed a platform that aims to become the leading reward offering platform for creating and curating news articles. Wortheum encourages the creation of real news by bringing transparency and innovation to this industry.

The Problem

News media platforms should serve the public interest and democratic process, making it resilient to institutional corruption within the media system, economy of influence, conflicting dependence and political clients. They should maintain the media integrity and remain independent of private or political interests, transparent about their own financial interests, committed to journalism ethics and standards and be responsive to citizens.

The Fourth Estate or the “social watchdog” that the press was for so long has now become questionable, as media houses turn into power and profit centers just as journalists proclaim to be the makers or breakers of corporations and governments. It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. The technological breakthroughs have given journalists a wider exposure and increased power to mold opinions, but sadly many have chosen to use it irresponsibly for their personal gains.

What was once a trustworthy source of information used to defend the interests of the people has become a lottery between legit and fake news.

The Solution

A solution to this overwhelming problem comes from the world’s first DPOS based news platform. Knowledge is power and Wortheum aims to put it back into the hands of the people by developing a platform that gives everyone the ability to know what is going on around the world at any point in time.

News will be presented as they are, without being subject to manipulation by third parties with vested interests. To ensure their correspondents have a free hand and unfold the truth and unmask the wrong does, regardless of their influence and power, Wortheum will protect its content writers by using the blockchain technology to maintain their anonymity.

How does it work?

On Wortheum, anybody can start a career as a reporter according to their geographical location and earn by creating news content. In the same time, Wortheum news platform will offer readers rewards for reading and interacting with news articles. Aside from this, Wortheum offers small news platforms the possibility to build their own website through their blockchain which will help them provide better services and content. Wortheum will also provide businesses with a fair advertisement option on their platform that will be presented in a very effective manner.

In a free and fair society, journalism must be an instrument for exposing corruption, holding people accountable and giving a voice to the oppressed and marginalized. From creation and copyright to the contractual resale of both existing and future news assets, Wortheum will cover all aspects of the media industry and employ and empower talented individuals to become creators of valuable content.

Backed by a rewarding and motivating financial model, Wortheum gives its users the chance to expose issues in every part of the world, thus ensuring a constant and increasing traffic.

The Token

Wortheum will be backed by the WORTH token, built on top of TRON blochchain. During their token sale that will begin in August, 65% of their tokens will be allocated for Public Sale.


In conclusion, Wortheum aims to be the change we want to see in the world and come with a real solution to create a real and fair news experience by bringing transparency and innovation in the news industry. Wortheum will develop an environment of media rights and management that is uncensored, immutable, fair, transparent and enables an ever-closer relationship between news and journalist.

You can find out more about Wortheum on their website https://www.wortheum.com and by reading their WhitePaper.




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